Storm vaporizerpennan är av hög kvalité, enkel att använda och en välbyggd bärbar vaporizer för örter, hartser och oljor.

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Storm $ 110,20

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OBS: Storm Vaporizern kan ej användas men e-vätskor.

Detta är den nyaste versionen, inkluderar ett gratis munstycke av glas för fyllig och fräsch smak

Liten men ändå kraftfull,Storms kropp i rostfritt stål är starkt, snyggt och diskret. Enkel enknappshantering gör att du kan välja mellan fem temperaturinställningar, 180-220 Celsius. Storm har ett löstagbart och utbytbart batteri, vilket ger upp till en timmes Vaping, beroende på värmeläget som används. Storm värms upp på omkring en minut, och har en 5 minuters automatisk avstängningsfunktion för att spara på batteriet.

Till skillnad från de flesta bärbara vaporizers, är Storms luftväg isolerad från elektroniken, vilket innebär ren, otroligt läcker ånga, oavsett om du använder örter eller koncentrat. Storm har en keramisk kammare och livsmedelskvalitets gummimunstycke, med screens i rostfritt stål.

Storm kombinerar överkomlighet med oöverträffad kvalitet, vilket gör den idealisk för både nybörjare och rutinerade vaporists. Robust, diskret, och otroligt enkel att använda, presterar bättre än vaporizers som är dubbelt så dyra som Storm.

VapoShop stocks the latest version of the Storm vaporizer, which features several small but welcome quality of life improvements:

It now takes only 3 button presses to turn the vaporizer on, the temperature setting can be chosen by holding down the button instead of endless clicking. Lastly, the LED light now indicates heating up with a flashing light and a solid light when the temperature has been reached.

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  • Miha:

    Very nice vaporizer. Works well, easy to use. Nice clouds, inhaling is easy and does not require a lot of work as with some pen vaporizers. I use this at home and I have it almost all the time charging up. For using it on the go, I suggest buying couple of extra batteries. (from eBay 40€ 10batteries).. I would recommend this. especially since in this new version the glass mouthpiece is included. Thank you vaposhop.

  • Zakk:

    BTW, I am absolutely loving this. Easy to use, easy to clean, looks the dogs bollocks and feels very sturdy. Moved onto this after being unhappy with my da Vinci ascent for quite while as it had too many parts, was too difficult to clean and wasn't very portable when you take into account the charger. It is so stealthy you can vape in public anywhere and nobody would notice any difference. Apart from the smell. So so happy with this, even better that you can take replacement batteries with you, so good on a night out.

  • Schroedinger:

    I have been using this vape for two months now. I threw away my tobacco and papers and never looked back: No more wheezing and coughing in the morning after an evening of enjoying herbs (I am a herb enthusiast for > 20 years now). The taste is excellent and the effects are just amazing (compared to smoking). After about a month, the device had some issues (the cover coming off) but was replaced fast and without issues by vaposhop.

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  • Steve: 2016-10-11 11:39:05
    Hey Does the storm take oil (like coconut oil) and if so, would olive oil work too? Peace
    Hi Steve, we strongly advice against vaporizing plant-based oils. A glycerine-based oil would work however.
  • Carlos : 2016-04-05 16:25:20
    It is normal that steam comes out of the herb chamber, the side air intakes?
    At higher temperatures, and when not inhaling, it is possible that a small amount of vapour escapes through the side holes. This is nothing to worry about!
  • Phil: 2016-04-03 05:57:33
    Hi, Just wondering how discrete the packaging is. Right now I'm rooming with some people who are more or less tolerant of my herbal habits. Thanks in advance.
    Hi Phil, our packages are sent 100% discreet, it does not mention the content. Hope this helps!
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