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Linx Eden Specifikationer

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 116 gram
  • Märke: Linx
  • Heating technique: Full convection
  • Automatisk avstängning: Ja
  • Garanti: 2 år
  • Pass-through charging: No
  • Bärbar / Stationär: Bärbar
  • Kompatibilitet: Örter och oljor
  • Inhaleringsmetod: Direkt inandning
  • Uppvärmningstid: 10-30 seconds
  • Justerbar temperatur: Ja
  • Temperaturområde: 182 - 220 ℃
  • Avtagbart batteri: No
  • Batterikapacitet: 2500 mAh

Linx Eden

Linx Eden continues the tradition of joining style and functionality. Strong, minimalistic and easy to use, the Eden does everything right. You will be amazed at how clean and rich the vapour tastes. Luxurious vaping at a friendly price. The Eden will indeed take you into the Garden of Delights.

Available in stylish onyx and steel.

No plastic

Chances are you don’t like plastic in your vaporizer. Good news, the Linx Eden is completely plastic-free! The unit is made of steel which gives it a nice substantial feel besides looking pretty cool. The chamber is made of quartz which ensures a pure taste. While the glass mouthpiece cools the vapour. Everything feels solid and is easy to clean.

Important note: when cleaning your Linx Eden mouthpiece, do not soak the mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol) or ethanol). This may damage the rubber o-ring that keeps the glass tube in place on the mouthpiece. When cleaning the mouthpiece, use a Q-tip with a minimum amount of rubbing alcohol and dry it with another Q-tip or the cleaning brush to remove any excess alcohol residue.  

Linx Eden versatility

With its pen-like looks, the Eden might be mistaken for a one-trick vaporizer. Instead, you will get a herb vaporizer that can easily handle concentrates. The deep chamber can pack quite the load. This will also come in handy if you use the included lava plates to vape concentrates and dry herbs simultaneously. Choose the red temperature setting when using concentrates.

Convection heating

The Linx Eden features true convection heating. Draw long and easy to get the most out of the Eden. It helps that the Eden has a light draw resistance so you don’t have to force anything. Combining convection heating with an isolated air path and quartz chamber results in an amazingly full flavour even in low-temperature settings.

Quick boost

The Eden looks simple but it does have a secret weapon: the boost function. Need that extra oomph while vaping? Just hold the button and the temperature is instantly increased by 20 ℃.

If you want some extra discretion you can dim the lights by entering stealth mode. Just hold the button for three consecutive seconds.

Temperature settings

Selecting one of the temperature settings is done by clicking 3 times in quick succession. The unit memorizes the last setting you used.

Blue: 182 ℃
Green: 193 ℃
Yellow: 204 ℃
Red: 220 ℃

User tips

Occasionally ground material can get past the quartz chamber of the Linx Eden. These suggestions help to prevent this from happening:

  • Use medium instead of fine ground material.
  • Place one of the included lava plates on the bottom of the chamber.
  • If any herb gets past the quartz chamber it can be blown out with a forceful breath or a computer duster.

What’s in the box

  • 1x Linx Eden vaporizer
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 3x Mouthpiece glass tubes
  • 1x USB-C charger
  • 3x Silicone mouthpiece caps
  • 4x Filter screens
  • 3x Lava plates
  • 1x Magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • 1x Silicone sleeve
  • 1x Manual (English/German/Spanish/French)

VapoShop Verdict

Linx is famous for building stylish vaporizers that punch above their weight. The Eden continues that fine tradition. This discreet looking pen-shaped vaporizer produces some of the finest vapour available. Which is pretty amazing considering its price. Portability should make the Eden an interesting choice for seasoned vapers who don’t want to downgrade their experience on the road. At the same time, first-time vapers looking for a quality entry-level vaporizer can’t go wrong here. 

Linx Eden recensioner

  • Easy to clean (1)
  • Heats up fast (1)
  • Enough accessories (1)
  • Looks good, feels good (1)
  • Cheap (1)
  • Gets hot to touch, included skin helps (1)
Wetop 2019-08-29
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Enough accessories
  • Heats up fast
  • Looks good, feels good
  • Gets hot to touch, included skin helps

Nice packaging, good acessories, fast delivery, vape seems good so far.

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Linx Eden Frågor

  • G.D.: 2019-09-03 09:04:27
    Is the battery removable and if yes what is the cost?
    The Linx Eden does not come with a removable Battery, it is build into the Unit.
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