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VapCap 'M' (DynaVap)

16082 DynaVap

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Den ‘M’ är det senaste tillskottet till VapCap serien,Tillverkad i USA utav DynaVap. DynaVap vaporizers ökar snabbt i populäritet, Och det är utav en bra anledning. Dessa super små, Eld-drivna förångarna är inte bara extremt effektiva, men dessa penn-formade förångarna skapar också väldigt smakrik ånga.

DynaVap’s VapCap M var designad med intentionen att tillföra den högsta kvaliteten, Hållbarheten och upplevelse till ett extremt rimligt pris. Den är sammansat med 100% utav medicinsk grad utav rostfritt stål, till de exakta mått som orginalet. lika som alla DynaVaps så kommer 'M' utrustad med signaturtemperaturindikeringslocket (Locket som gör ett klickande ljud när den uppnåt rätt temperatur) vilker tillför simplisitet och effektivitet för alla.

Med DynaVap VapCap vaporizers kan man också använda kåda/hasch. Se till att ta bort alla rester efter varje vapingsession.

Fungerar bäst i kombination med en stormtändare.

VapCap ‘M’ egenskaper

  • Mittsektionen: Rostfrittstål
  • Kondensator: M
  • Munnstycke: Rostfrittstål
  • Total Längd: 92 mm

Hur du använder din VapCap M

  • VapCap M är väldigt lätt att använda. Ta bara bort det lilla metallocket och ladda med nermalt material(Eller små bitar utav kåda/hasch).
  • Stäng igen locket
  • Tillför värme på sidan utav locket samtidigt som du roterar fram tills att du hör eller känner klickandet
  • När den klickar så är den redo för användning
  • Inhalera och avnjut!
  • När din Vapcap har blivit nerkyld så kommer du att höra klickljudet igen.

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VapCap 'M' (DynaVap) Frågor

Hi,Can you tell me if this is the 2019 version, i can't see any option to select and the description refers to both the 2018 and 2019 products, which one is this?Thanks,Derek

This is the Vapcap M 2019 the older 2018 version isn't available in our store anymore.

Is there a wooden mouth piece for sale for this type?

Unfortunately, we don't have such a mouthpiece for sale.

Hi,Is this silicon case for dynavap also part of the packaging for the 2019 model or i have to buy it separately?

No need to buy it separately, every Vapcap including the 2019 M will be delivered in a storage tube as seen on the picture, in case you need a replacement tube you can find it here: /vaporizer-brands/dynavap/vapcap-storage-tube/

Can I use a regular lighter to heat up the VapCap M?

Yes this is possible, if you use a regular Lighter your Cap will accumulate some soot and it will take a bit longer to heat up but it definitely works.

Hello!I am thinking about buying VapCap 'M' (DynaVap) 2018 or 2019 (not sure yet) and I have a question in regards to this product.I've seen some reviews on this vape and I know that I need some sort of lighter to use the product. But as I am a first

You can find our sortiment of Torch Lighters here: /vaporizer_accessoires/torch-lighters/

When can we expect 2019 model to be in store?


Hi, when will the 2019 preorders ship?

The pre-order will be sent out on the 1st of April.

Gibt es zu dem 2019 Modell ein Metall case (Hülle)oder wie beim 2018 Modell ein Kunststoff case ?

Die Aufbewahrungsbehälter der M 2018 und M 2019 sind identisch und beide aus Kunststoff gefertigt.

Hello do you guys sell the Shadow tips as in the vap cap thank you

Unfortunately, there is no separate Shadow tip available.

When you hear the click what is the temperature inside the chamber


Kan bij de levering de vapcap M door de brievenbus heen?

Vaporizers worden altijd verzonden in een doosje, deze passen helaas niet door de brievenbus. Neem vooral contact op met onze klantenservice als je meer vragen hebt over de verzending.

Sind CCD Siebe inklusive?Wenn ja aus Stahl oder Titan?

Die Vapcap M kommt inklusive einem CCD Sieb aus Stahl, welches bereits in die Kräuterkammer eingesetzt ist. Hier siehst du wie du das CCD Sieb wechselst:

Do you ship to Greece? I’m looking at purchasing the m shadow alongside some accessories. How quick is the shipping?

Yes, we ship to Greece, the shipping time is about 4-5 days. Check for more shipping information.

Hi!Got the Dynavap M and tried it out. The cap is loose and the vapor has to be held cap pointing up to avoid it falling off. What to do?

Don't worry, this is not unusual and does not indicate a problem with your Vapcap. When cooled and off of the device, a slight squeeze of the cap will adjust the contact with the tip. It is also explained by Dynavap in the following video (around 10:35):

Ist bei diesem Modell die Füllkammergröße einstellbar?(Die Siebchenhöhe verstellbar)

Nein diese Option steht bei der VapCap M nicht zur Verfügung, dafür benötigst du ein Endstück in der Titan-Ausführung: /vaporizer-zubehor/vaporizer-teile/omnivap-tip/

Buongiorno, ho ricevuto ieri il VapCap M e l'ho subito provato ma dopo varie prove solo una volta sono riuscito ad espellere del vapore... come mai? cosa sbaglio? Ho aspettato il "click" e ho aspirato ma niente vapore... poco dopo ha fatto il click d

Si raccomanda l'uso di un accendino a fiamma ossidrica. Per maggiori informazioni sull'utilizzo puo`seguire la spiegazione nel video: /watch

Kommt der Dynavap M 2018 von euch auch in einer grünen flip top storage tube?

Ja, die 2018ner VapCap M kommt auch in dem klassischen grünen Dynavap Aufbewahrungsbehälter.

does it include the green case in the box??¿?

Yes, the Vapcap M comes in a green tube.

Hello! Is it possible to buy a customized vapcap M? I would prefer mine with the Ti tip (and/or Ti condenser), instead of the ss ones.) Thank you

No, it is not possible to buy a already customized Vapcap M form us, we will ship our Vaporizers always as packed by the Manufacturer. You can of course customize your Vapcap M yourself, here you will find a wide variety of Dynavap accessories:

Hello, is this a convection or a conduction vaporizer? Thank you in advance for your reply.

You can consider the VapCap as a manually heated hybrid.

Zijn er losse gaasjes verkrijgbaar voor de DynaVap?

Ja! /shop/productgroup/by_id/7396/

Good morning is the 2018 model that you have now for sale?Thank you very much!

Yes, the 2018 version is pre-selected for checkout!

Salve, questa non è la nuova versione 2018 uscita in commercio un mese fa vero?

Si puo`selezionare la nuova versione 2018 nella tendina.

Hi, how long warranty on this one please?Thanks

You will have a warranty of 2 years for the VapCap M.

E' la versione 2018?

On a la version de 2018 ainsi que la version de 2017. Vous pouvez choisir lequel vous préférez.

È sicuro che non avvenga combustione?Credo sia scorretto chiamarlo vaporizzatore. La vaporizzazione in chimica avviene attraverso l’acqua. Questa dovrebbe essere sublimazione.Grazie

Ogni sostanza vaporizza ad una specifica temperatura. Se la temperatura è troppo elevata si potrebbe causare combustione.

What is the difference between the M 2018 vapcap and the previous one?

That is what's new about the 2018 M Version: The VapCap M 2018 version has a new, classy design, featuring a textured grip. This makes it easier and more comfortable to hold your VapCap when you're heating it up. The carb hole is more pronounced, making it easier to find. The renewed airflow technique, featuring a triple helix, makes for amazing airflow.

Bonjour, est il possible d’ajuster la taille du bol avec l’embout d’origine fournit ? Ou faut-il upgrader avec un embout en titane ? Merci!

Il n'est pas possible d'ajuster la taille du bol avec l'embout du VapCap 'M'. L'embout en titane/acide inoxydable permets 3 différentes tailles de bol.

Bonjour, est il possible de modifier la taille du bol avec l'embout d'origine?Merci!

Il n'est pas possible d'ajuster la taille du bol avec l'embout du VapCap 'M'. L'embout en titane/acide inoxydable permets 3 différentes tailles de bol.

Dopo che lo usi da un po' di mesi la parte dove va riscaldata e il braciere diventano neri?

Il cambio di colore e' una consequenza naturale dell'uso dei vaporizzatori Dynavap, ma non influisce sulla qualita' della sessione, se il vaporizzatore viene pulito accuratamente.

Kan ik de baterij van de VapCap 'M' ( dynaVap)

De VapCap 'M' is een vaporizer die niet werkt op een batterij, maar met een torch aansteker. Je vindt deze onder het kopje Vape-onderdelen > Aanstekers.

Automatisk avstängning: No
Inhaleringsmetod: Direkt inandning
Justerbar temperatur: No
Kompatibilitet: Örter och oljor
Bärbar / Stationär: Bärbar
Uppvärmningstid: 0-10 seconds
Garanti: 2 år
Avtagbart batteri: No
Heating technique: Hybrid
Pass-through charging: No
Märke: DynaVap