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XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad Specifikationer

  • Märke: XMAX

XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad

Use the  XMAX Starry V2 for vaporizing concentrates with help of this concentrate pad.  Simply place your concentrate on top of the pad, insert in the chamber and start vaping. 

A package contains one XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad.

Please note: this concentrate pad is not compatible with the XMAX Starry V1, only with the V2. 

XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad recensioner

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XMAX Starry V2 concentrate pad Frågor

  • Nitin : 2019-05-19 01:24:37
    HiDoes it fit with 3.0
    Yes you can also use this concentrate pad with the updated Starry 3.0.
  • Juliano: 2019-05-17 10:48:45
    Whitch quantity of concentrate can i put into the recipient whith the pad? There is no problem if This concentrate is e-liquid?
    About the size of a rice-grain of course this amount can be adjusted to your personal preference. The Starry is not suitable to be used with E-Liquids do not fill them in Oven even with the concentrate pad, it will damage the device and void your warranty.
  • Johannes: 2019-05-11 22:58:14
    These fit the V3 as well right?
    Yes, they will also fit in your V3.
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