Honest Micro Torch Lighter

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Honest Micro Torch Lighter

A compact torch lighter from the brand Honest. This torch lighter is perfect for heating your portable flame-powered vaporizer, such as the VapCap or the Vaponic vaporizer.

This torch lighter works on butane (lighter gas). Butane is not included.

Honest Micro Torch Lighter recensioner

Kahvikone 2017-10-10

Lighter tis in hand well and I like the look of it a lot. Unfortunately the usability is terrible. Doesn't hold much gas, has trouble lighting and both the protective cap of the nozzle and the button can get stuck while in use.

Bob Wood 2017-08-02

I bought the lighter to use with my new Vapcap Omnivap XL. The lighter is not the best, when starting it up cold it's going to turn off many times before it heats up and actually stays on. Adjusting the +/- settings help, but then you have to do it every time you refill the lighter. Flame is not the slightest windproof and the lighter is quite useless outside. Would only recommend this as a backup lighter for inside use. Get a 3 or 4 flame torch lighter for outside use.

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