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PAX 2/3 reclaim & cleaning rod

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Use this handy cleaning rod tool for your PAX 2 or 3. The reclaim & cleaning rod is made from medical grade 316 stainless steel and is perfectly sized to pass through the tube in your PAX 2 or PAX 3.

Made in the USA by New Vape.


Instructions: The mouthpiece and screen of your PAX do need to be removed. Simply push the rod through the air tube and out the other end. Depending on how old your pax and the amount of buildup, the first time you do this you might feel some resistance. If you do, don't force it, pull it back out and perform this step first. Clean the air passage one last time using alcohol and a pipe cleaner. Slightly heating up the pax will allow the buildup in the tube to loosen up. The cleaning rod should pass through with very minimum resistance.

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