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PAX 2 Water Tool Adapter (Easy Flow)

PAX 2 Water Tool Adapter (Easy Flow)

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Koppla en PAX 2 vaporizer till den vattenpipa du gillar mest med denna praktiska glasadapter från Easy Flow. Tillgänglig i 14 mm och 18 mm.

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PAX 2 Water Tool Adapter (Easy Flow) Frågor

Have I to measure the inside diameter of the bong to know what measurement I need? Thanks

The Pax 2 Watewr Tool Adapter is with a male connection so you need to measure the inside diameter.

Hello, Does this adapter applies to Pax 3 vaporizer, too?Thank you

Yes, they are both compatible!

is this made of glass? Does the package contains also the silicone ring that makes a tight seal? Thanks

Yes this product is made of glass and two silicone rings to ensure a tight seal are included.