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HealthyRips FURY 2 doseringskapslar

HealthyRips FURY 2 doseringskapslar

15838 Healthy Rips

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Ett paket med fem stycken doseringskapslar i rostfritt stål för FURY 2 vaporizern. Fyll din FURY 2 innan du startar en lång session.

Kapselfodral av plast är inkluderat.

Fury 2 doseringskapslar dimensioner

  • Höjd: 11 mm
  • Bredd: 10 mm
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HealthyRips FURY 2 doseringskapslar Frågor

I've read these capsules work with the splinter vape. Can you confirm ?

No we can't confirm that but you can find suitable screens for the RBT Splinter here: /vaporizer_accessoires/rbt-splinter-top-hat-screen/

Are these fitted to use with my Fury Edge? Or only fury 2?

These dosing capsules are intended to be used with the Fury 2.

How many come with it? 5?

Yes, this comes in a pack of 5 capsules.

How to use these? Only for storage, or can put it in and vape with it?

Yes indeed you can vape with them, fill the capsules with a Herb of your choice (make them full but do not force/stuff your material in), place them in your Fury 2 and vape at your preferred temperature. The capsules are reusable, you can soak them in ISO-Alcohol after a couple Sessions to clean them.

Hebben jullie de doseercapsules ook voor de healthy rips force ?

Nee, helaas bestaan deze (nog) niet.

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