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VapCap spinning mouthpiece titanium Specifikationer

  • Märke: DynaVap

VapCap spinning mouthpiece titanium

Solid medical grade titanium spinning mouthpiece that helps provide a more even temperature gradient when heating. The titanium spinning mouthpiece by DynaVap is an extremely durable part which can weather frequent use of your favourite VapCap. Last but not least, it is also easy to clean.

Compatibility VapCap Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece

The titanium spinning mouthpiece can be used with the following combination of midsections and condensers:

VapCap spinning mouthpiece titanium recensioner

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VapCap spinning mouthpiece titanium Frågor

  • Richard Higginbotham: 2019-03-27 17:09:38
    Can this be used with 2018 m?
    If you get the XL condenser as well yes.
  • Anthony Ho: 2019-02-09 03:00:29
    Are there any difference about performances like the tast, air flow etc... between standard and xl condenser with spinning mouthpiece?
    The vapour coming from the XL condenser will be a bit cooler compared to the standard length one
  • Steven Frank: 2019-01-30 18:56:06
    is this compatible with the nonavong?
    Yes but depending on which NonaVong you own you might need an additional XL or Standard Condenser.
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