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VapCap replacement CCD titanium (3 pieces)

VapCap replacement CCD titanium (3 pieces)

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Titanium Circumferential Compression Diffuser (CCD) - 3 Pack Precision engineered screen allowing for filtration of fine particles without restricting the unrivaled airflow you’ve come to enjoy from DynaVap.

This product is purchased as a three-pack, and should offer months of extended use.

WARNING: Cleaning with alcohol or other flammable liquids is not recommended. Alcohol will not damage any component of the VapCap, even with prolonged soaking, but we do not recommend using it.

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VapCap replacement CCD titanium (3 pieces) Frågor

Is there any difference/improvements to the stainless steel CCD?

Yes, the titanium version has a different pattern and heats up/cools down differently and most importantly it is more sturdy.

Is it compatible with 'M' ?

Those replacement titanium CCD are compatible with the titanium tip or the stainless-steel tip of the "M" and every other Vapcaps from Dynavap.

BonjourEst ce q'il y a un sens a respecter pour monter cette piece?Est ce qu'il y a un endroit et un envers ?

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