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Maker's Kit

Maker's Kit

18899 DynaVap

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Did you ever dream of making your personalized VapCap? That dream just became a reality thanks to the Maker’s kit. In this kit, you will find everything to make your one of a kind VapCap vaporizer.

About the DynaVap Maker’s Kit

Want to stand out with your VapCap? Do you love to create things? The Maker’s Kit lets you built a fully functional artisanal VapCap. This collection has all the parts and tools you need to make a beautiful VonG stem. All you need to bring is your skills and fantasy. The Maker’s kit is available with a light wood or dark wood stem. The piece of wood already has been bored to fit the VapCap condenser. The airport also has been fitted. Use the needle files and sanding sponge to slowly carve the ultimate VapCap. With DynaWax you can give the finished stem a beautiful shine and some extra protection.

Important: be careful with your hands when working on the stem and preferably use a screw bench to secure the wood.

Maker’s kit contents

1x wooden stem
1x cap
1x titanium tip
1x standard condenser with o-rings
1x DynaWax
12x precision needle files
1x sanding sponge

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