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Boundless TERA batteri 18650 (2200 mAh)

Boundless TERA batteri 18650 (2200 mAh)

15480 Boundless

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Ett extra uppladdningsbart 18650 batteri till din vaporizer Boundless TERA.

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Boundless TERA batteri 18650 (2200 mAh) Frågor

Can i use any rechargeable battery? Like a 1900mAh 1.2v

No, we recommend to only use original replacement parts which have the by the manufacturer intended specifications.

Is the (2200 mAh) ment as the input capacity of the Battery, or is it just telling that it gives 2200 mAh output?

The type 18650 battery has a capacity of 2200mAh.

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