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Arizer Solo rakt glasmunstycke

Arizer Solo rakt glasmunstycke

8964 Arizer

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Ett rakt glasmunstycke för Arizer Solo.

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Arizer Solo rakt glasmunstycke Frågor

Hello ! How long it is ?

The length of this tube is 110mm.

How long is this tube? Is it identical to the original long tube you get with the Arizer Solo II?

The length of this tube is 110mm and you can use it as a replacement for the original straight Solo 2 mouthpiece.

Is this the long or the short mouthpiece?

This mouthpiece is 110 mm.

how long is it?

It's a 110 mm long.

Kan deze met de air 2 gebruikt worden ?

Ja, alle mondstukjes van de Arizer Solo en de Arizer Air passen in beide modellen, zowel in de oude als de nieuwe versie.

Can this be used with my arizer solo 2? cheers

Yes, this product can also be used with the Solo 2.

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