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Return Policy


You can send your order back to us within 30 days after receiving it. No matter the reason. Begin the return process by filling in the form, as explained below.


What if something is wrong with my vaporizer after these 30 days?

Check the terms of the manufacturer's warranty outlined on the vaporizer's product page. If the problem with your vaporizer falls within the warranty's terms and conditions, you can proceed with the steps outlined hereunder.


How do I return a product?

You can submit a return request by filling out the return form on our website. The form is available both for customers with and those without a VapoShop account and can be filled out by following these steps:


If you have a VapoShop account


1. Log into and go to My Account;

2. Click Orders in the left menu;

3. Select the correct order number;

4. Click the blue Return button;

5. Fill in the form* (please note: assisting you in this process is faster if you write to us in English or Dutch);

6. Don’t forget to confirm your request.


If you don’t have a VapoShop account


1. Click the URL in the email confirming your order;

2. Click the blue Return button;

3. Fill in the form* (Please note: assisting you in this process is faster if you write to us in English or Dutch);

4. Don't forget to confirm your request.


* Choose Exchange if you want to receive a different product and Replace if a product you want to keep is broken and you would like to receive a new one. 


If everything went well you should find a confirmation email including your personal claim number in your inbox.


What happens next?

After we receive your return application, our in-house experts will look into your request. They will decide whether your problem can be fixed from a distance, for example by sharing some tips and tricks on how to use the device or they will decide to send you a completely new product. If our experts feel the need to examine the product before deciding whether to repair or replace your order, you will be sent a post label with instructions on how to send your device back free of charge.


In which conditions should you return the device?

Simply send us the product in question. A broken vaporizer, for example, does not have to be accompanied by the accessories you have received with it.


We’ve received the product, now what?

Our experts will confirm the arrival and investigate the problem.


If we can repair it, we will.  We will fix and test the product and send it back to you.

If we can’t repair it, we will send you an identical new product.

You will be contacted by our lovely customer support team to let you know whether we have replaced or repaired a product.



You can log into your VapoShop account to see the status of your return. Is something still unclear? Please do not reply to the confirmation mail but contact us via this contact form and don’t forget to mention your personal claim number.