Firefly 2+ in-depth review

The Firefly 2+ is here! Vaposhop is proud to present this highly anticipated follow-up one of our all-time favourite portable vaporizers, the Firefly 2.

As great as the Firefly 2 vaporizer was, consumers seemed to agree on several points of critique, including the airflow, the battery life and the price. Firefly appears to have listened carefully to their fans, as these are exactly the matters on which they promise improvement. 

It’s good to note that the Firefly 2+ is indeed just that: a 2+, i.e. an extension of the 2. This is not the Firefly 3 we’re reviewing here.

Woman vaping new Firefly 2+ portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

Performance of the Firefly 2+

Dynamic convection

Firefly makes use of a dynamic convection heating technology. This means that the more airflow you create by inhaling, the more effective the hot air heats the material. This is the most economic way of vaping dry herb, as your material is only heated when you inhale. 

Perhaps Firefly is almost too far ahead of the game with this technique. You see, it’s not only about just heating your materials when you inhale, it’s about making full use of the created vapour as well. Several users were unhappy with the lack of vapour produced by the Firefly 2. At the time FireFly was developing the 2, the tight draw was created intentionally. It seemed Firefly was on a mission to make sure no active material was brought to waste through excess vapour. According to them, “blowing clouds of vapour is like drinking your beer and spitting out more than half of it”. Allow us to elaborate. 

Excessive vapour, aka vapour clouds that you can see when you exhale, doesn’t mean you get more in your lungs. It means you’ve wasted vapour that could have stayed in your lungs and made its way into your bloodstream. It’s just that a considerable amount of consumers - for a broad range of reasons - are still looking for clouds when they buy a vaporizer.  

And so, Firefly listened. Thanks to the 33% increase in airflow, it’s easier to produce vapour clouds with the Firefly 2+ in comparison to the Firefly 2. We’ll let you decide if this actually is an improvement or not. Not to take away from Firefly for listening to feedback, but as vaporizing enthusiasts, there was a lot to say for the lack of big vapour clouds produced by the 2.

Those of you who are more about flavour than clouds should note that the Firefly 2+ - very much like its predecessor - is marketed as a flavour chaser’s dream. And deservedly so; the taste quality and terpene profiles this vaporizer releases are practically unmatched in the current market, perhaps only rivalled by the DynaVap VapCap M. 

Firefly 2+ battery life

The Firefly 2+ uses a Lithium-Ion 7.4 770 mAh battery. This is the same battery as the Firefly 2. However, thanks to the upgraded firmware, battery life has increased. You should be able to get 3 to 5 bowls out of one battery charge. This obviously depends on your personal preferences and settings. But, even the most intense vapers will notice the battery improvement between the Firefly 2+ and 2. The battery also charges rather quickly. No overnight charging sessions required here, an empty battery should be fully charged in about 45 minutes. Furthermore, if you already have a Firefly 2, the spare parts are compatible with the Firefly 2+.

Get that extra battery

If you don’t have a Firefly 2 in your collection, but you are planning on scoring the 2+, there are some things to consider when it comes to the battery. Please note that the battery can not be charged separately. If you’re one of those vapers who want to be able to vape at all times, we strongly advise purchasing a spare battery. 

firefly 2+ dry herb concentrates portable vaporizer

The build quality of the Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2+ is a sturdy vaporizer, just like its predecessor. The body is made from magnesium alloy, which connects perfectly to the upper part thanks to a magnetic lid. The bowl is made from borosilicate glass, which will heat up your material super fast and evenly. Your vapour will then travel across a glass vapour path, to eventually reach your body through a removable plastic mouthpiece. The materials and parts used for the Firefly 2+ almost feel like they have found their ultimate purpose: giving you an optimal flavour experience. On top of that, the Firefly 2+ sits comfortably in your hand, without feeling too bulky. 

User-friendliness of the Firefly 2+

Get the Firefly app

We definitely recommend getting the smartphone app. If you already have the app because of the Firefly 2, you can easily rotate between your devices. The app is ideal for adjusting temperature settings, and once that’s done the Firefly 2+ itself works like a charm. 

Instant vaping

One of the greatest things about the Firefly 2+ is that it offers almost instant vaping, as it’s good-to-go in 3 to 5 seconds. This, of course, depends on your material of choice and selected heating temperature. Furthermore, removing the top lid to fill or stir your bowl couldn’t be easier. When you’re not inhaling, the bowl cools down very fast, limiting the waste of material. This makes the Firefly 2+ an ideal device for micro-dosing.

Maintenance and accessories of the Firefly 2+

Easy to clean

The Firefly 2+ is extremely easy-to-clean. The top lid comes off without any hassle. Cleaning the glass vapour path and the bowl also couldn’t be any more straight forward; a quick rub with an alcohol wipe and you’re done. Firefly seems to have fixed the issues with the mouthpiece as well, as removing and replacing the mouthpiece is a lot easier with the 2+, compared to the mouthpiece-challenges the Firefly 2 offered.   

Accessories reduced

The Firefly 2+ comes in a box which is about half the size of the box for the 2. Aside from the Firefly itself, the box contains one battery, a charging dock, a USB cable, one extract pad and 3 alcohol wipes. In comparison to the Firefly 2, they have taken out the extra battery and cut back on concentrate pads and cleaning tools. To be fair, they also cut the price, and it seems this is where they made up for it.   

firefly 2+ dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

Pros and cons of the Firefly 2+


almost instant vaping, good-to-go in 3 to 5 seconds
produces great flavour and releases the full terpene profile of the material 
economic vaping, no materials wasted
fast-charging battery
great smartphone app, makes the overall experience extremely user-friendly


still quite pricey
extra battery purchase virtually a must

The Firefly 2+: Who is this for?

The Firefly 2+ is a definite must-have if you consider yourself a flavour chaser. The taste quality and terpene profile release are of the absolute highest level available. The dynamic convection technique and airflow also ensures a very economic use of your preferred materials; if you want to get the most out of your dry herbs or concentrates, the Firefly 2+ is an excellent choice. A high-class vaporizer in the good sense of the word. 

Introducing the different DynaVap families

Introducing the different DynaVap families 

Understanding the DynaVap product range Part I of III 

This is a quick and simple rundown of the different product families in the DynaVap catalogue. This will only serve to let you know about the most basic differences. If you wish to have a more detailed description of the differences between each DynaVap, we suggest you stay tuned for part two of this blog series. In part three we will dive deeper into how to get the best results with these open-flame vaporizers. For now, let us introduce all the DynaVap product families.

The VapCap ‘M’ family: 

The is the most affordable version of all the DynaVap products still in production. The ‘M’ comes in a 2018 and 2019 version. Both versions are made of stainless steel.

The VapCap M 2018 on the left and the 2019 edition on the right
The VapCap M 2018 on the left and the 2019 edition on the right

The OmniVap family: 

The OmniVap is the only portable vaporizer by DynaVap that is entirely made of titanium. It comes with the Omni Mouthpiece system that lets you adjust the air-vapour ratio by twisting the mouthpiece.  The OmniVap is available in normal and XL sizes.

The DynaVap OmniVap and OmniVap XL
The DynaVap OmniVap and OmniVap XL

The NonaVonG family: 

The NonaVonG family is specially designed to fit snugly in any 14mm bong adapter, thanks to the tapered wooden body at the end. The NonaVonG comes in a variety of different types and colours of wood. Other versions within the NonaVonG family are: 

  • NonaVonG S, which has an additional Spinning Mouthpiece
  • OmniVonG, which has the Omni Mouthpiece 
  • NonaVonG XLS, which is the longer version of the NonaVonG with a Spinning Mouthpiece
All NonaVonGs (FLTR) NonaVonG, NonaVonG S, NonaVonG XLS, OmniVonG
All NonaVonGs (FLTR) NonaVonG, NonaVonG S, NonaVonG XLS, OmniVonG

The HydraVonG family: 

The HydraVonG family is the new edition of the NonaVong family. The main difference is that the wooden midsection has gotten a makeover, introducing a more playful wood carving pattern. This pattern gives you a better grip on the device when rotating it as you are heating up the tip. Besides the regular HydraVonG, there are two other members of the Hydra family:

  • OmniVonG Hydra XL, which is the extra-long version with the Omni Mouthpiece
  • HydraVonG XLS, which is the extra-long version with the Spinning Mouthpiece
All the Hydra versions (FLTR) HydraVonG, HydraVonG XLS, OmniVonG Hydra XL
All the Hydra versions (FLTR) HydraVonG, HydraVonG XLS, OmniVonG Hydra XL

Linx Eden in-depth review

There are, on average, three kinds of vapers in this world. On the one hand, we have vapers who are all about flavour (“flavour-chasers”). These vapers want to experience the full terpene profile their herb or concentrate has to offer and are less concerned with the intensity of the effect. Flavour over effect, so to speak. 

On the other hand, you have people who care less about how well their herb or concentrate titillates their palate. They merely want their device to produce massive clouds and give them the full-blown effect of what they put in their vaporizer (“cloud-chasers”). 

Then there are people that sit exactly in the middle of the spectrum. For those people, there's only one vaporizer right now that offers the best of both worlds: The Linx Eden.

Performance of the Linx Eden

A crystal clear chamber to catch all the savoury notes

It’s important to note that the Eden boasts a quartz crystal heating chamber. Quartz is by far the best material you could wish for if flavour is your main goal. It’s odourless and clean, exactly what you want for clear, crisp savoury notes. For this reason, the Eden performs equally well with dry herb as with concentrates, although the latter retains its flavour a bit longer, due to the fact that it is indeed that; more concentrated. Herbs, on the other hand, tend to lose some of their flavour definition after the second or third session. 

True convection airflow 

Another factor that improves flavour is airflow, which is nicely balanced with the Eden. This also gives the Eden a decent draw resistance. Not too much but also not too constricted, exactly as it should be with a true convection vaporizer. And as a true convection device, the Eden’s bowl needs minimal stirring when you are vaping dry herb. Even if you don’t stir the herb at all, it will still be heated evenly.   

Linx Eden heating chamber in action

Full blast vaporisation with the Boost function

No matter how well the Eden performs in regards to flavour, eventually the terpenes will have been thoroughly evaporated. That doesn’t mean the material is finished - unless you are vaping concentrates, because those will be gone by the time you can’t taste them anymore. In most cases, the herb will still contain enough compounds to fully enjoy the physical aspects of the material. This is the ideal moment to initiate another brilliant feature the Eden offers: the boost function.
This function is triggered by holding down the power button, which will instantly raise the vaporisation temperature by another 20°C. A great solution for when the flavour is gone, but you still want to get a lung full of thick vapour and the last full-blast of active compounds.

The build quality of the Linx Eden

Only the best materials

Linx, as a manufacturer, has always taken great care in only using sturdy, medical-grade materials in all their devices. This is no different for the Eden. The body has been made with medical-grade stainless steel, the heating chamber with the aforementioned quartz crystal, and the mouthpiece is glass, instead of plastic. That last part may also be the Achilles heel for the Eden, as the mouthpiece does get hot rather quickly, even before the first session has ended. And yet, this problem is instantly mitigated by applying the included silicone mouthpiece cap, which guards your lips against most of the convective heat.  

A robust body

The care and attention that has gone into choosing materials for the Eden have also been applied to the manufacturing and finish of the Eden. It feels sturdy and robust in your hand. Even if you screw off the top to get access to the heating element, you can feel the quality of the build by the smoothness of the threading.

The robust body of the Linx Eden

User-friendliness of the Linx Eden

Truly portable vaporizer 

The sleek, almost simplistic design of the Eden and the robustness it gets from the sturdy materials make it an excellent portable dry herb vaporizer. You will not have to fear for its safety when you put it in your pocket or bag. It’s robust enough to handle almost anything.    

A breeze to fill

Filling the Eden with herb or concentrates is as easy as pie. Due to the tapered edges of the heating chamber, the herb literally slides into place, without ever having to spill anything over the side. Seldom have we seen portable vapes where the filling it up with your material of choice is such a breeze.   

Temperature settings

Selecting one of the temperature settings is done by clicking 3 times in quick succession. The unit memorizes the last setting you used.

Blue: 182℃
Green: 193℃
Yellow: 204℃
Red: 220℃
Hold the power button down for an instant heat boost of 20℃

Maintenance & accessories of the Linx Eden

A breeze to clean

As easy as it is to fill the Eden, as easy it is to clean. The quartz chamber is so smooth, that residue has almost no chance to stick to its surface. One quick swipe with a Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and the chamber is as clean as a whistle. 

Silicone sleeve

One thing we should touch on is the silicone sleeve that is included in the package. This sleeve is meant to protect the device from wear and tear or damage caused by dropping the device. This, of course, is a good addition if you lead an active lifestyle and are planning to take your Eden with you everywhere you go. It does, however, take away some of the “sleekness” of the design and you should take care to properly align the holes for the airflow on the sleeve with the holes on the device. Otherwise, you may inadvertently constrict the airflow and draw resistance.         

Important note: when cleaning your Linx Eden mouthpiece, do not soak the mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethanol). This may damage the rubber o-ring that keeps the glass stem in place on the mouthpiece. When cleaning the mouthpiece, use a Q-tip with a minimum amount of rubbing alcohol and dry it with another Q-tip or the cleaning brush to remove any excess alcohol residue.

Linx Eden whats in the box

Pros and cons of the Linx Eden


  • Great flavour.
  • The “Boost function” really gives that extra ‘oomph’ to the vapour density and the physical effects.
  • Robust and portable design.
  • Super easy to use. One button, four settings. No display or app needed.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Easy to clean.   
  • Very affordable! It falls within the € 100.- price range.  


  • Only four heat settings, may not be enough for everyone.
  • The mouthpiece gets very hot at the end of a single session.

The Linx Eden: Who is this for?

If your vaping preference lands somewhere in the middle of the archetypes we have described in the intro, then this is the vaporizer for you. Only the FireFly 2+ and the Vapcap “M” by Dynavap come close to the flavour you’ll get with the Eden. But, if you desperately need to chuck thick clouds of vapour and only care about the full-blown effects you’ll get from the material you fill it with, you might be better off with a Mighty by Storz & Bickel or the Boundless CFX. Otherwise, if you want the best of both worlds, go with the Eden. 

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: A side-by-side comparison review

When the Volcano Classic came out in 2000, it revolutionised the world of desktop vaporizers. Many brands have since tried to emulate the success formula of the Classic, but only a few came close. Now, in 2019, after years of development, Storz & Bickel are back with a new and improved version of the Volcano; the Hybrid. This spiritual successor of the Volcano Classic and replacement of the 2007 Volcano Digit received a huge upgrade, both in its functionality as well as performance. 

But, how different is it really? How does it stack up against its predecessor? More importantly, is it worth replacing your old Classic with this new kid on the block? That is exactly what we’ll be investigating in this in-depth review; a closer look at the distinguishing features between the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic. Ready to rumble? Here comes round one. 

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Performance

Still champion in cloud production

Those who are familiar with the Volcano Classic, know it is unrivalled when it comes to cloud production. This fact hasn’t changed. Both the Classic and the Hybrid perform equally brilliant in cloud density and flavour production. The vapour produced by both devices is still smooth, clean, cool, visibly dense and flavourful.

Bring the heat at lightning speed

The vapour quality might be the same for both devices, but one of the (many) things that sets these two vaporizers apart is the pre-heat-up time. Where it took the Classic 1 to 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature, the Hybrid does it in a whopping 40 seconds(!). This is thanks to the new and improved Double Helix Heat Exchanger which delivers convection heat twice as fast, slicing the waiting time in half.

Winner in the lowest heat range

Another difference between the Classic and the Hybrid is the temperature range. Where the Classic had a minimum temp. of 130°C (266°F), the new Hybrid goes as low as 40°C (104°F). This might not seem like a big deal, but consider the fact that this dramatically increases the range of aromatic herbs and oils you can use to treat your olfactory senses. 

Balloon or tube?

One of the biggest innovations for the new Volcano is undoubtedly the addition of the Tube Kit. It is actually the reason for the Hybrid’s name; two delivery systems in-one! This improvement changes the whole vaping experience you get with the Hybrid. Where the Easy Valve Balloon gives you shorter, interposed vaping sessions, the Tube Kit allows for a continuous vaping session. No more waiting for the balloon to fill up and taking off the filling chamber, just connect the tube and puff away to your heart's content. With minimal draw resistance, if we may add. Vaping with the Tube Kit feels more like sharing a Hookah.    

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Build quality

Welcome to the digital age

The new Hybrid might look the same as the Classic at first glance, its design did get a slightly more modern look. The most obvious change is the digital display and touchscreen, instead of the analogue buttons and knobs. This upgrade makes the Hybrid so much more user-friendly, especially when it comes to locking-in your preferred temperature with pinpoint precision. 

Volcano Hybrid display

Improved Filling Chamber

Besides the new display/touchscreen, another major improvement is the new locking system for the Filling Chamber. The old version, that came with the Classic, had the tendency to come off too easily. That problem is now fixed with the new Hybrid Filling Chamber. This new version locks tight with a simple twist and stays there until you want it to come off.    

Volcano filling chamber compared

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: User-friendliness

Vaping made easier

Here we come to the crux of the matter because for all its added power and visual changes, the biggest difference between the Volcano Classic and Hybrid lie in their user-friendliness. Not that the Classic was lacking in that department, far from it. The Hybrid, however, makes vaping so much easier. The new display, the touchscreen, the improved Double Helix Heating Coil and Filling Chamber, it all feels so much more intuitive. The Volcano was never an overly complicated device to work with, but now it just feels effortless.

Bluetooth for the win!

And we haven’t even talked about the Storz & Bickel Smartphone app. The Volcano Hybrid now comes with a Bluetooth connection that allows you to operate and customize the Hybrid remotely. Now, you may be wondering if you ever need to operate the Volcano from a distance, seeing most of the time the device sits right in front of you on the table. And you might even be right. But, there is a good chance that the future will hold scenarios where a feature like that will come in quite handy. 

Volcanio Hybrid with app

Even if you will never use the Smartphone app to adjust the temperature settings directly, you are still going to love it. That’s because the app does so much more! Consider the ability to upgrade the firmware of the Hybrid or set up your own, custom-programmed heat-settings.      

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Maintenance and essential accessories

Never change a winning team

Maintenance wise, the Volcano has always been a breeze to (keep) clean. That hasn’t changed one bit. All the components that tend to get dirty can still be disassembled and cleaned separately. 

The Tube Kit is a gamechanger 

As mentioned before, the newly added Tube Kit is what makes the Hybrid earn its name. The ability to continuously take hits with the Volcano is a real gamechanger. It might not be for everyone and the tube itself may give off a slight silicon flavour for the first few draws, but after a couple of sessions, you too will realise that it adds a whole new dimension to the vaping experience.    

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Who should buy this?

Should you replace the Volcano Classic with the new Volcano Hybrid? 

Hmmm... That is the elephant in the room, isn’t it? Should you replace your trusty Volcano Classic with the new Volcano Hybrid? The short answer? Yes! The Hybrid is a superior device when it comes to performance and ease-of-use. But, if you recently bought the Classic or your old Classic is still in good working order, then it might be worth your while to wait a bit before you invest in the Hybrid.   

If, however, you don’t have a desktop vaporizer yet, then it’s a no-brainer. Just go with the Hybrid. All the improvements are well worth the high price tag.

Volcano Hybrid & Classic with balloons

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Pros and cons

Hybrid pros

  • The new, digital display gives you much more control over the heat settings. 
  • The pre-heat-up time is only 40 seconds (!).
  • The new filling chamber is much better than that of the Classic and easier to use. 
  • The addition of the Tube Kit gives the Hybrid a whole new dimension. 
  • The Smartphone app really does add extra functionality and control.

Hybrid cons

  • The Hybrid is almost twice as expensive as the Classic.
  • The new Hybrid Filling Chamber is not backwards-compatible with the Classic.
  • During the first few sessions, the Tube Kit may give off a slight silicon scent and flavour. 

Classic pros

  • Half the price of the Volcano Hybrid
  • May be slightly easier to use for people who aren’t very ‘tech-savvy’

Classic cons

  • The Classic takes much longer to heat up to the desired temperature.
  • Not compatible with the Hybrid Filling Chamber.
  • Not compatible with the Hybrid’s Tube Kit.

Volcano Hybrid vs. Classic: Final verdict

Let’s be clear; The Volcano Classic is still one of the best desktop vaporizers on today’s market and will serve you well for many more years. But, the Volcano Hybrid is the superior device in this comparison. It’s an upgrade in performance, user-friendliness and functionality. So, if you are looking for a replacement anyway, and you have the budget, go for the Hybrid!

If you don’t have a desktop vaporizer yet and you want the absolute best of the best, then it’s a no-brainer too. Go for the Hybrid! If you have the budget for it, that is…...  

The 5 Best Portable Vaporizers To Celebrate Pride With This Summer

Amsterdam is gearing up for another edition of Pride. From the 27th of July through the 3rd of August 2019, the streets and canals of the city will be centre stage in celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and awareness worldwide. To make this week extra festive and colourful, VapoShop has made a selection of the best and finest portable vaporizers, so you can enjoy your favourite herbs or extracts on-the-go while you show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.     

Our selection of the 5 best pocket-size vaporizers to celebrate Pride 2019 in style

PAX 3 Rose

PAX 3 Pink

The PAX vaporizers by PAX Labs Inc. have always been one of the most discreet, and yet stylish portable vaporizers to date, but with the PAX 3 Rose Gold edition, you’ll want to be seen! This luscious pink device will have your herb or concentrate ready to go within 10 to 20 seconds at a temperature range of 180 to 215°C. 

DaVinci Miqro Amethyst

DaVinci MIQRO amethyst

With DaVinci’s latest model named MIQRO, you’ll have a powerful vaporizer with a high finish, high technology and supreme vapour quality in the palm of your hand. This compact and yet glamorous conduction heating device is all you need to enjoy all the dry herb you can get your hands on within 30 seconds after switching it on.     

Linx Hypnos Zero Iridescent  

Linx Hypnos Zero Iridescent

Why not make this colourful day even more vivid? With the rainbow-themed Linx Hypnos Zero Iridescent Edition, you can! This concentrate-only pen vaporizer allows you to indulge in the aromatic pleasures that fragrant oils and waxes can provide without effort or hassle. Just fill, turn on and breath. 

Flowermate V5.0S Pro Blue

FlowerMate V5.0S Pro Blue

Flowermate ensures you will celebrate Pride in the most flavourful way possible with the Flowermate V5.0S Pro. This oven based, dry herb and concentrate vaporizer has been made with a full flavour experience in mind. With its adjustable temperature settings and double 2600 mAh batteries, you’ll be feasting on every aromatic blend you want, all day and all night long.    

PCKT One Plus Crimson

PCKT One Plus Crimson

Whether you like vaping e-liquids or aromatic oils and waxes, the PCKT One Plus makes switching between the two as easy as one, two, three. And you will look exceedingly cute puffing away on the Crimson version we selected especially for Pride 2019. 

Focus V Carta - portable e-rig review

The electronic portable concentrate rig family just got bigger with the new Focus V Carta. This e-rig features a compact, straight design that fits snugly into the protective pouch, included in the box. It also comes with removable batteries, a concentrate atomizer and an optional herb atomizer. For a digital concentrate rig, this device has some towering ambitions: offering concentrate and herb vaping in a portable rig, effectively vying for the position of your go-to, on-the-go vaporizer. Let’s see what Focus V, formerly known as FocusVape, has come up with.  

Focus V Carta review - Performance

Battery life

The Focus V carta is equipped with two 18350 batteries which last for a surprising amount of time, considering the fact that the heat-up time for the device’s four temperature settings is almost non-existent. We’ve tried exhausting the batteries by doing multiple sessions on 410°C and the device beat us with half of its battery life still untapped. We can therefore safely assume that a night with friends on a single charge is perfectly doable. The batteries charge via USB-C cable and take about 2 hours to fully charge inside the device.

Vapour quality

Low-temp vaping with titanium buckets and quartz buckets puts different amounts of stress on the batteries. The quick heat up time even on higher temperature makes quartz ideal for instant high-temperature vaping, while titanium, once seasoned, could be considered more suitable for drawn-out, low-temp vaping as it retains heat better. That being said, the more fragile quartz buckets are also suitable for low-temp vaping as they ensure a pristine flavour. A hot and hurty hit is possible at 450°C (compare this, for example to the Puffco Peak’s ‘peak setting’ of 315°C), which will send you flat on your back. The first two temperatures are ideal for low temp, terpy vaping and even on the third setting you’ll be getting flavourful vapour for 2 to 3 hits.


The buckets are spacious enough for large dollops and the Focus V Carta features an astonishingly fast heat up time. As the buckets are not fixed to the atomizer, there’s bound to be a temperature disparity between bucket temperature and temperature setting. This is evident from the fact that the vapour only gets harsh at the highest setting, the aforementioned, dizzying 450°C. The other settings (260°C, 332°C; 410°C) provide flavour that is easy on the throat and lungs. The unit contains a good compromise between long hits on the one hand and saving battery life and concentrate on the other with its heating mode active for about 45 seconds. Going in for the second long hit will require you to reactivate the heating element with a single push of the control button.

Air flow

The glass bubbler has a sizeable air intake and will resist clogging. The straight sides of the glass bubbler makes sure you can fill the bubbler with a decent amount of water which, aside from cooling your vapour, provides substantial draw resistance. Get ready for some long, deep and dense drawing action on the Focus V Carta. You’ll be happy to know you can rip away without getting any splashback from the water.

Focus V Carta review

Focus V Carta review - Build quality

Slightly plasticky

The Focus V Carta has somewhat of a plasticky feel to it but it weighs reassuringly heavy in your hand. The control button does feel and sound a little platicky as well and the led indicator could have been designed better to ensure that the light doesn’t reach areas it’s not supposed to light up. We’re nitpicking here, but that’s what we’re here to do, after all.

Glass bubbler

The unit’s quality glass bubbler feels solid with and its large air intake will more than likely not clog. You can put a decent amount of water in there which makes for improved draw resistance and particularly lengthy draws.


Threading on atomizers usually spells trouble, with concentrate vapour condensing inside the threads making it hard to unscrew the separate components. In this case, with a quite wide threading, the issue does not really present itself. The plastic ring sealing off the rim of the atomizer screws on clockwise, which means you’ll unscrew it if you catch it when screwing the atomizer in the rig. On the plus side, this seemingly counter-intuitive approach allows you to easily unscrew the ring to replace a bucket while the atomizer remains firmly in place.

Focus V Carta review

Focus V Carta review - User friendliness

Cold loading

If the types of concentrates you use are suitable for cold loading, we recommend you do so. The device heats up rapidly, in a matter of seconds, and even its lower temperature settings will vaporize your concentrates at an alarming rate. Putting your concentrates in a bowl after it’s already heated will result in some unnecessary loss in concentrates so make sure you pre-load your bowls. The Focus V Carta therefore has another ace up its sleeve with buckets that can be changed while the atomizer stays in place.

App integration for full temperature control

The good folks at Focus V have provided an integrated app that allows full temperature control as well as customizing session time and the option to save your favourite vaping temperatures. You can also record your total session time and number of hits. The app is indispensable for vaping herbs and a very nice addition for people who’ll want to precisely manage the release of active compounds in different concentrates.

Straightforward controls

The Focus V Carta has one button, which is all you’re ever going to need. Click it five times to activate or deactivate the device, which will immediately show remaining battery life. One click to cycle between the four temperature settings with haptic feedback alerting you when the temperature’s been reached (also, the leds will stop blinking and turn from blue to green). After 45 seconds, haptic feedback will alert you when the session is over and it only takes one push of the button to get the device heating again. All pretty straightforward.


As e-rigs go, this one is seriously portable, in the same sense that the Ghost MV1 or Mighty are portable vaporizers: bring it with you when travelling or as the life of the party but don’t expect to stuff this e-rig in a trouser pocket. The carrying pouch will protect the glass bubbler just fine and it’s a nice touch by Focus V that they don’t force you to shell out a few extra euros for it. Other than that, the fact that the batteries can be charged externally makes sure you can take the Focus V Carta on some prolonged camping trips in the great wide open. Something to look forward to.

Focus V Carta review - Maintenance and accessories

What’s in the box?

The box comes with carrying pouch, a borosilicate carb cap, a concentrate atomizer with a titanium and two quartz buckets, a concentrate tool, 2 18350 (2400 mAh) batteries, a USB-C cable and a wax chamber. The removable batteries make the Focus V Carta stand out among its peers. The device comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Other accessories available are a herb atomizer, a beautiful helix glass bubbler, spare straight glass bubblers, carb caps and titanium and quartz buckets, additional batteries and replacement concentrate atomizers. The good folks from FocusV  will gradually release a number of interesting glass bubblers you can use to customize your Carta with, the Helix and the Helix Pill being two of them. Expect some great water-meets-vapour vortexes with these two beautiful add-ons.

Herb atomizer

The herb atomizer requires app integration to reach temperatures that are herb-friendly. There’s a reason why the herb atomizer is listed under accessories: in our humble opinion, the Focus V Carta is first and foremost a concentrate vaporizer. There seems to be a ceramic coating inside the herb atomizer which should keep your herbs tasty and fresh. However, the vapour travels through intake holes at the metal top of the herb atomizer and encounters some other metal parts along the vapour path which probably accounts for the slight metallic aftertaste. The herb atomizer performance in terms of taste is on par with a mid-range herb vaporizer but its remarkable heat-up time does make this rig a viable option for vaping herbs.

Cleaning the Focus V Carta

Bathing the glass bubbler in hot water will do the job. However, reclaim tends to collect in the air path between the bottom of the atomizer and the opening of the glass bubbler. Clean the airpath regularly with an isopropyl alcohol swab, as well as the thread holding your atomizer on to the base to avoid a gummed-up atomizer and a restricted airpath.

Focus V Carta review

Focus V Carta review - Pros and cons 


- Excellent battery life
- Very short heat-up time
- Hot and hurty - no joke
- Well-designed air path
- Excellent flavour, particularly so with the quartz bucket
- Compatible with herbs
- Full temperature control with app integration
- Quite portable


- Somewhat plasticky look 
- Cleaning can be a little tricky
- Screwing/unscrewing atomizer and its components can feel counter-intuitive

Focus V Carta review - Who is this for?

Vaping concentrates on the go is still mainly the domain of concentrate pens and only a few, such as the Linx Blaze, are truly convincing. If you’re looking for a device that’s more versatile in terms of temperature settings while still being reasonably portable, the Focus V Carta is right up your ally. Terpy, low-temp vaping as well as eye-watering, mind-erasing high temp hits at the push of a single button. Upping your concentrate game by exerting full temperature control and still maintaining a comfortable level of portability is what the Focus V Carta is all about.

Focus V Carta review - Final verdict

The Focus V Carta is an e-rig that should feature high on anyone’s list. It’s as perfect for low-temp vaping as it is for high temperature hits that’ll leave you glued to the back of your couch. The ultra fast-heat up time and long battery life is where this portable e-rig truly shines. It’s rare to see a herb vaporizer that excels in performance as well as in heat-up time and battery life, let alone an e-rig. The Focus V Carta does allow for vaping herbs just as the Ghost MV1 allows you to vape concentrates: it’s possible but it’s not its main purpose. If you’re moving into concentrate territory but you don’t feel ready to completely abandon herbs, the Focus V Carta will be all you’ll ever need and at a price that won’t even raise a single eyebrow.

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AirVape Xs GO ultra-portable vaporizer review

The AirVape Xs GO portable vaporizer reminds us of its big brother, the AirVape X, in terms of its hybrid conduction/convection heating system. Other than that, the vaporizer features a complete redesign and competes convincingly in the ultra-portable segment. Will the redesign affect vapour quality and functionality? Let’s find out.

AirVape Xs GO review - Performance

Hybrid conduction/convection herb vaporizer

The AirVape Xs Go’s oval ceramic oven is heated through conduction but also through convection, with cool air being warmed by a heating element before it enters the oven through a number of holes. Your herbs will be heated directly through the oven’s sides (the bottom being protected by a metal screen, effectively shielding your herbs from direct contact with the bottom part of the oven). For a more terpy, less cloudy vape session, you can go for a coarse grind, packing your herbs loosely which allows for the convection effect to dominate. If you’re chasing clouds, go for a finer grind and pack your herbs tightly, allowing for maximum conduction efficiency.

Vapour quality

Flavouristas will enjoy nice long draws via convection heating for better taste. On the other hand, a tightly packed oven and shorter draws will activate conduction heating, which will envelop you in a misty haze in no time. The oven was borrowed from the AirVape X and fits about 0.25 grams of herbs which is not that bad for a vape whose claim-to-fame is its portability. The ceramic lid at the end of the mouthpiece is kept in place with a silicone gasket and the good folks at AirVape have made sure that the vapour runs into a number of bends, turns and obstacles before reaching your mouth, rendering the vapour less harsh. This design choice also makes for a nicely balanced draw resistance. The vapour is still pretty hot on higher temperatures, which comes as no surprise for such a tiny vape with an oven practically hugging the mouthpiece. Thankfully, the ABS plastic mouthpiece hardly conducts any heat and feels relatively cool against your lips. The AirVape Xs GO pales a little in comparison to its predecessor, the AirVape Xs, in terms of vapour smoothness and taste but it does a reasonable job anyway.

Integrated battery

The 1200 mAh integrated battery is tiny but will fight for your right to vape before yielding. It’ll allow for a couple of sessions with about 12 draws per bowl on a medium setting which is not bad at all. It also allows for pass-through charging, so vape away while your battery’s charging, which it does in under an hour. We haven’t counted draws on the lower 2 temperature settings but it would be safe to assume that you’ll be able to wander around on a festival site, sipping cool, terpy vapour for quite some time before this baby gives out.

airvape xs go review

AirVape Xs GO review - Build quality


The ABS plastic that constitutes the main material of the vape has been ergonomically shaped to fit in the palm of your hand. The plastic's known shock-resistant properties along with the magnetic mouthpiece - a known sensitive part in most vaporizers - puts our minds at ease about the device’s survival potential. The downside of a magnetic mouthpiece is that it might become detached in your trouser pocket or belt bag, leaving your precious herbs exposed.


This vaporizer feels light and sturdy at the same time and we suspect it might just bounce back unscathed from a medium fall. Your thumbs and fingers will fit nicely in the large, oval-shaped indents while the grooved pattern on the back will keep it from slipping. This is definitely a vaporizer to hold and cherish.

AirVape Xs GO review - User friendliness

Just the one button

As with most smaller vapes, the AirVape Xs GO relies on a single button. Pressing the button three times powers the device on or off which immediately shows remaining battery life through blinking indicator LEDs. Press and hold the button to cycle between temperature levels. The devices shuts off automatically after 3 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy a session.

Temperature control

The AirVape Xs GO  is quite flexible when it comes to temperature control, whether you’re going for a low-temp terpy session, an immediate smokestack on higher temps or a slow-build up across a 5-level temperature range between 180°C and 215°C. The 5 temperature levels (180°C, 190°C, 200°C and  207°C) are neatly spaced out and going from zero to the highest setting will take only 20 seconds on average.

AirVape Xs GO review - Maintenance & accessories


The bottom of the ceramic oven is separated from your herbs by a removable metal screen that fits rather loosely in the oven. This will cause herbal residue to stain the oven’s floor. Wiggle the screen a little, pop it out, set the vape to its highest temp setting and remove the residue with isopropyl swabs. The mouthpiece’s removable components can rest a little in an isopropyl bath while you’re scrubbing away at the oven.

No bells or whistles

The AirVape Xs GO comes with an integrated flat metal tool you can use for stirring your herbs and for removing and inserting the metal screen into the oven. Very thoughtful. The box includes a spare metal screen, a USB-charging cable, an instruction manual, a cleaning brush and a pair of tweezers. Not quite sure what to do with those tweezers but it’s always nice to have a pair of them lying about. Thanks Apollo Vaporizer Inc.! Other than that, the AirVape Xs GO doesn’t come with any fancy accessories.

Airvape xs go review

AirVape Xs GO review - Pros and cons


- Featherweight (57 grams) but sturdy
- Seriously small and ergonomically shaped
- Decent battery life and quick reaction time
- Flexible in terms of vapour output thanks to its hybrid convection/conduction technology
- Five temperature settings, an impressive feat for...wait for it...such a small device
- Affordable


- Integrated battery will wear out quickly on high temperature settings
- Magnetic mouthpiece could do with some stronger magnets
- Acceptable flavour but nothing to dwell on

AirVape Xs GO review - Who is this for?

If you’re just getting into electric vaping and feel you need to test the waters before spending a few hundred euros, this vaporizer is a very good choice indeed. You’ll be able to experiment with packing the oven to emphasize either conduction or convection heating, test different herbs on different temperature levels and carry it around wherever you go.  If you’re already a seasoned vape-veteran and you’re looking for an inexpensive, secondary vape, the AirVape Xs GO won’t let you down either.

AirVape Xs GO review - Final verdict

The AirVape Xs GO won’t be winning any awards in the ‘Tasty Vapour’ category - even though it doesn’t perform poorly in this area either. It provides conduction and convection heating - an industry first as far as we know for a vape this size - which will delight flavouristas and cloud chasers alike. It’s so portable that it single-handedly redefines the category ‘portable’,  with its sturdy, ergonomic shape. This makes this vape the ultimate on-the-go vape, with the Boundless CFC LITE as its main competitor. The AirVape Xs GO is also similarly priced and we would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite.

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Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: a side-by-side portable vaporizer review

The Mighty and Ghost MV1 are both high-end vaporizers, offering desktop-quality vapour in a portable device. With a similar price-tag, they continue to be benchmark devices in terms of vapour smoothness, flavour, potency and quantity. Both devices are rather bulky and could rightly be dubbed ‘cordless home vaporizers’: easily transportable but not necessarily easy to have on you at all times. That being said, the Mighty and Ghost MV1 couldn’t be more different in terms of functionality and overall design philosophy. If you’re looking for a herb vaporizer that mimics the performance of a desktop vape, neither devices will let you down. When picking the one that most closely suits your needs, you’ll need a whole lot more information than just this sweeping statement. That’s where we come in.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Performance

Convection is key

Both the Mighty and Ghost MV1 portable vaporizers are based on a convection heating system. Cool air is drawn in, passes along a heated coil and enters the herb chamber before being cooled down again in the heat sink. The Mighty is actually a hybrid conduction/convection vape in that the sides of the oven are heated as well. This means that your herbs will continue to be heated somewhat even though you are not drawing any vapour. The Ghost MV1, by contrast, is a pure convection, on-demand system, only delivering heat when you need it. On-demand convection heating remains superior in that it evenly heats your herbs, doesn’t require a mid-session stir and delivers a highly nuanced flavour profile.

Unparalleled vapour quality

Both devices are absolute flavour masters. Despite its partially (food-grade) plastic air-path and mouthpiece, the vapour produced by the Mighty has a pristine taste and is definitely on par with the vapour running along the Ghost MV1’s steel-ceramic-glass air path. Furthermore, the spacious oven chamber and full temperature control of the Mighty allows for an easily fine-tuned session while the Ghost requires an app to achieve the same smooth temperature buildup. Even though the Mighty is partially conduction-heated, which could lead to uneven heating and therefore a uniform taste throughout the session, the flavour is simply stellar.

Vapour quantity and smoothness

At higher temperatures, the hybrid convection/conduction solution, low draw-resistance and large oven of the Mighty produces deeply satisfying columns of smoke. The convection-only approach of the Ghost keeps your herbs from withering during those longer, drawn-out sessions. Getting lungfuls of vapour through the Mighty is somewhat limited by the inevitable drop in temperature and the sweet spot is something you’ll have to work out for yourself. The more electronically advanced Ghost MV1 produces haptic feedback letting you know you’re outpacing the device’s heating capacity. The ‘cooling unit’ in the Mighty is nothing more than an elongated airpath with plastic fins and works absolutely fine. The more refined Ghost is equipped with a highly effective ceramic heat sink and an extendable mouthpiece, the latter’s position offering either cooler vapour or larger hits. Taking large, satisfying hits from the Ghost is what the device excels at and you shouldn’t be afraid to push the Ghost to maximum temperatures. Both devices are capable of producing highly dense vapour that will extract all the goodness from your herbs in virtually no time whatsoever.

Battery is where we draw the line

The Mighty sports dual 18650 integrated batteries that fully charge in little more than two hours with a wall charger (no USB-charging possible with the Mighty). These dual batteries will last you for about 90 minutes (the 2018 edition of the Mighty offers 20% more battery life) on medium to high temperatures. As the Ghost MV1 is convection-heated only, battery life can only be measured in draws: gradually building up temperature levels will yield about 50 to 60 draws, spread out over multiple sessions. That is not bad at all. A big plus for the Ghost MV1 is its removable, custom designed battery pack which can be charged using a fast charger in under two hours (instead of the whopping eight hours of charging inside the device via USB-cable). Keeping spare battery packs handy or replacing a pack when it’s been through too many cycles is easily done. Other than that, the Mighty allows for full pass-through charging and this is where the Ghost is found at fault: no simultaneous charging and vaping here.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Build quality

Looks aren’t everything

There’s no area where the Mighty and Ghost contrast more sharply. The Mighty is pitch-black, plastic, rugged and ugly-in-a-beautiful way. The Ghost sports a beautiful look, a shiny metal alloy body available in several colours, and is ergonomically shaped. Then again, there’s no accounting for taste.

Solid builds

In spite of their radically different use of materials, both devices have a reassuring weight to them. The all-plastic casing of the Mighty hides the fact that the device is actually very well put together and can probably take a bit of a beating. The Ghost has more removable parts but each of them seems to be machine-tooled with absolute precision. The device’s delicate electronics are probably not able to survive even light collision accidents so it needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: User friendliness

Bells and whistles

The Mighty’s uncomplicated look betrays its basic but highly reliable functionality. A power button and temperature control buttons that allow for incremental, 1°C changes. Load it, turn it on, check temperature and battery life on the LED-screen and then simply draw at will. The Ghost, by contrast, has a bit of a learning curve as only one button controls on/off,  temperature presets and battery life indication while a series of 6 coloured leds provide all the information. This device definitely takes some getting used to.

Temperature control

The Mighty offers full temperature control in a range between 40°C to 210°C at the touch of a button. The Ghost has three factory temperature herb presets of 170°C, 185°C and 200°C, a concentrate setting and two herb settings that are customizable with an app. Switching between these sittings takes only a few seconds.This app also offers full temperature control. A slight drawback of the Mighty is that it relies on small temperature drops - indicating that you are actually vaping - in order to remain powered on. This feedback system doesn’t always work perfectly which causes the Mighty to turn off unexpectedly from time to time.


The Mighty comes with a grinder and a handy, funnel-like loading tool that can be attached to the device. Loading the Mighty is therefore a breeze. The Ghost’s smaller and detachable, ceramic crucibles comes with a metal lid and can sometimes be a bit tricky to put back into the device.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Maintenance and accessories

Maintenance is easy

Cleaning both devices is relatively hassle-free and mainly involves disassembling the cooling unit/heat sink on both devices and soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. The Mighty’s O-rings are quite durable and will only occasionally warrant replacing (spares are included in the box). The Ghost comes with a spare crucible and a spare crucible lid. Both the Ghost and the Mighty come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


The Mighty could definitely do with a stand as it’s incapable of standing upright on its own (a minor oversight of legendary manufacturer Storz & Bickel). The Ghost requires the fast charger and extra battery pack if you’re planning a vape night with friends. Liquid pads are available for both devices. The Mighty comes with a brush to clean out its fixed oven chamber, a plastic grinder, a dosing capsule and a funnel-like loading tool. The device can be outfitted with a water pipe adaptor and can be supplemented by a filling set with dosing capsules and a plunger. For the Ghost MV1 you can buy a crucible dispenser that comes with 5 ceramic crucibles.

ghost vs mighty review

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Pros and cons of the Mighty

Mighty pros

- Sturdy and rugged look, excellent build quality
- Pristine flavour, cool and smooth vapour
- A regular smokestack at higher temperatures
- Hybrid conduction/convection heating
- Full temperature control
- Pass-through charging

Mighty cons

- Requires a stand
- No USB charging.
- Batteries are built into the device

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Pros and cons of the Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 pros

- A true gem, excellent build quality
- On-demand convection heating
- Pristine flavour, highly nuanced flavour profile, cool and smooth vapour
- Massive hits on higher temperature settings
- Haptic feedback signals draw duration
- Removable battery pack

Ghost MV1 cons

- Needs to be handled with the utmost care
- App integration required for full temperature control
- Batteries take a long time to charge unless you buy the fast charger

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Who are they for?

Both devices are meant for users who are looking for a portable vaporizer that offers a desktop-like experience. The Mighty and the Ghost MV1 have both succeeded masterfully in mimicking desktop vaping and this couldn’t have been achieved without compromising on size. Both devices are seriously portable but in no way meant to be carried with you at all times. Bring them to a party, on road-trips, to work (we’re not actually advocating this, check with your employer first) but don’t expect to have one of these devices dangle in your trouser pocket. The out-of-the-box devices face serious challenges in terms of battery life, with the Ghost MV1 requiring the fast charger for prolonged use and not allowing pass-through charging while the Mighty is limited in terms of its integrated twin batteries and wall-plug only charging. That being said, flavouristas and cloud chasers alike will simply be over the moon with the performance of both vaporizers.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty: Final verdict

Choosing between these two beasts is no easy feat. Even though the Ghost and the Mighty are both high-end, ‘cordless home vaporizers’ that sell at about the same price, they have different strengths and weaknesses. In terms of vapour quality and flavour profile, the Ghost and Mighty are both overachievers and comparing them would amount to splitting hairs. With its replaceable and externally rechargeable battery, the Ghost outperforms the Mighty when it is equipped with the fast charger. The Ghost has a learning curve, requires app integration for full temperature control and depends heavily on delicate electronics and programming. By contrast, the Mighty has a straightforward interface and will probably survive exposure to most hazardous environmental conditions. Simply put: if you like rugged, simple, and reliable vaporizer, get a Mighty. If you like luxurious, delicate, highly advanced device, go for a Ghost. Even simpler: if you like dogs, go for a Mighty, if you like cats, buy a Ghost. Are we pushing this thing too far?

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DaVinci Miqro ultra-portable vaporizer review

This little gem is DaVinci’s take on what a smaller but still very performant IQ should look like. Just as its older sister, the Miqro is a portable vaporizer based on conduction heating, compatible with herbs only and competing in the high-end segment. The Miqro is hardly a misnomer and its size raises the question how such a compact packaging could contain the ability to achieve high-end performance. Are the Miqro’s claims to fame overstated? Let’s find out.

DaVinci Miqro review - Performance

Flavour Queen

The Miqro is all about smooth, terpy, wholesome vapour. Even at the highest temperature settings, vapour remains rather wispy and leaves you longing for a lungful. On the plus side, building up to these higher temperatures is a highly satisfying experience. The zirconium airpath, mouthpiece, oven lid and high quality ceramic oven guarantee a pristine flavour that will only gently tickle the back of your throat. Smaller devices generally don’t make for impressive smoke stacks but the Miqro faces additional challenges due to its noticeable draw resistance. The oven holds about 0.25 grams and the device performs better when the material is finely ground and tightly packed. To this end, the oven lid comes with an extendable ‘pearl’ which firmly holds your material in place. You may want to stir your herbs mid-session, which is easily done with the device’s built-in stirring tool. The oven’s limited capacity and the need to tightly pack your herbs means that this vaporizer is not for cloud chasers. Then again, the Miqro will surely meet expectations from even the most demanding flavouristas.

Removable and rechargeable battery

While its older and bigger sister, the DaVinci IQ, sports the 18650 removable and rechargeable battery, the Miqro had to settle for the 18350 battery, about half its size. Nonetheless, the fact that it has a removable battery is already quite a feat for vaporizer this size. The battery will last about 30 minutes while vaping on higher temperature settings so this is not a vape suitable for multiple sessions shared with a bunch of friends. As a light-use vape for one person this is more than enough. The batteries can be charged in a separate charger and are small enough to carry a few spares wherever you go. The Miqro can be also be used while the battery is charging.

Hot tamale

In Smart Path mode, you can choose between four temperature bands. The vaporizer heats up to the highest temperature band in under 40 seconds with a freshly charged battery and a bit over a minute when your battery is close to being depleted. Cycling between smart paths takes only a few seconds, even when your battery is about to give out. To accomplish this feat, heat is siphoned off mainly through the aluminum outer shell, which is why the device tends to be pretty hot to the touch.

DaVinci Miqro review

DaVinci Miqro review - Build quality

Deluxe feel and look

The Miqro’s design is simply impeccable. Elegant curves, a sturdy outer shell with a matte finish available in five different colours (Amethyist, Cobalt, Graphite, Onyx and Rust). Even though the device could be swallowed whole by a medium-sized dog, it feels reassuringly heavy in your hand.  The mouthpiece lid closes magnetically and gives access to the battery compartment, which is sealed off with an additional lid of its own. The extendable pearl on the oven lid feels more sturdy than the one on the IQ and just to be sure, a replacement gasket and screw are included in the box. All hinges feel solid and the metal control and temperature buttons are recessed, which adds to the overall sleekness of the device. The front cover features an intriguing led indicator composed of 15 individual leds which spells out letters, numbers, battery and temperature levels. As a finishing touch, the DaVinci logo has been stylishly and discreetly engraved on the front side of the vaporizer.

Isolated airpath

Like its bigger sibling, the Miqro’s design includes zirconium and other ceramic elements all along the vapour path: from the extendable pearl on the lid used to pack your herbs tightly, over  the removable airpath tube all the way up to the mouthpiece. Zirconium is often used in medical implants and is a thermal insulator, which is why it’s a perfect fit for the vapour path. The oven itself is made out of a more thermally conductive ceramic material.

DaVinci Miqro review - User friendliness

Ultra portable

We’ve already mentioned it a few times: this little gem is only slightly larger than your run-of-the mill cigarette lighter. The Miqro comes with an optional 10 mm tubular mouthpiece but can even be used without it, which renders it even more compact. This device is definitely one of the more discreet vaporizers we’ve come across and also features a stealth mode, reducing the brightness of the indicator leds. The Miqro may be highly portable, it’s not ideal for sharing at social events as the smaller oven and battery would probably not be able to satisfy popular demand.

Friendly little helper

The Miqro’s size would suggest limited functionality yet the opposite is true. Through the combination of a power button and two temperature buttons, the device allows you the switch between a Smart Path mode and precise temperature control. In Smarth Path mode, the Miqro will automatically heat across a 10°C temperature range, gently raising the temperature during a session. The vaporizer also features a boost mode which will keep the device at 220°C as long as you press and hold the control button, effectively turning the device into an on-demand vaporizer. This elaborate functionality doesn’t come at the expense of intuitive controls and the device is easily mastered after only a few sessions. Appropriately programmed haptic feedback makes the use of the Miqro easier in situations where discretion is advised.

DaVinci Miqro review - Maintenance and essential accessories

Easy cleaning

The removable vapour tube and mouthpiece make for easy cleaning. Break out the isopropyl alcohol swabs and wipes and get to work on the oven while you let the removable parts soak in a bath of isopropyl alcohol. Detailed cleaning instructions can be found in the video below.

Accessories galore

The standard edition of the Miqro comes with replacement parts for the oven lid’s extendable pearl, fluffy cleaning rods, a 10 mm tubular mouthpiece which doubles as a water pipe adapter, a spare silicone mouthpiece gasket, a stirring tool and a quality USB-cable. The deluxe ‘Explorer’ edition also includes an battery carry-on case featuring a herb container, a carrying pouch, a vaporizer sleeve and a beautifully designed grinder card. Most removable parts can be bought separately as well as extra batteries and a 18350-compatible battery charger. You can sign up for a 5-year warranty for the Miqro by registering your device on the company’s website.

DaVinci Miqro review - Pros and Cons


  • Highly portable and discreet
  • Gorgeous and sturdy design
  • Flavourful, clean and smooth vapour on all temperature settings
  • Go-to vaporizer for light use or microdosing at a reasonable price
  • High functionality combined with intuitive controls


  • Draw resistance and smaller oven prevent deep tokes
  • Feels a little hot to the touch at higher settings

DaVinci Miqro review

DaVinci Miqro review - Who is this for?

The Miqro should figure high on the wish-list for anyone who’s looking for something very small and discreet yet doesn’t want to compromise on quality. The Miqro does an impressive job integrating high-end functionality and design in a compact model. If you are looking for a reliable, durable vape for light use to carry with you without imposing itself on you, the DaVinci Miqro is a strong contender. The Miqro is less suitable for cloud chasers, who might be put off by the device’s wispy vapour, even at higher temperature settings.

Davinci Miqro review - The final verdict

The DaVinci Miqro essentially offers a high-end, ultra-portable vaporizer at a reasonable price. Unlike other ultraportables, this vaporizer offers light and smooth vapour with a pure, unadulterated flavour. DaVinci clearly adheres to the idea that terpenes are there to be savoured and should not be sacrificed in favour of large and dense clouds of vapour. It features Smart Path, Precision temperature and Boost modes while being accessible to even the most novice of vaporizer users. If portability, discretion, an elegant, sturdy design, excellent vapour quality and light vaping are your main selection criteria, the Miqro offers all this without breaking the bank.

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Linx Blaze portable concentrate vaporizer review

The new Blaze is Linx’s latest addition to their successful line of concentrate pens. Aside from incremental improvements based of the already impressive Hypnos Zero, the Blaze breaks ranks by including not one but two atomizers: a redesigned Zero atomizer and the brand new and innovative Ace atomizer. Plenty to get excited about so let’s dive right in.

Linx Blaze review - Performance

Fits snugly in your pocket

In terms of portability, the Linx Blaze is one step up from the Hypnos Zero in that it comes with a magnetic lint cap. Keeping your borosilicate mouthpiece from clogging and scratching is a big plus. It's definitely bulkier than its predecessor but still more compact than most portable vaporizers out there. Linx provides screw-on caps for its replacement atomizers so we’re still wondering why they are not included with the initial vaporizer set - having an extra atomizer in your pocket would sometimes be preferable than bringing the case along. While the case is definitely sturdy and sports a beautiful matte black finish and a subtle grey Linx emblem, it’s not exactly pocket-sized.

Ace Atomizer

The Blaze is definitely a trailblazer when it comes to the new Ace atomizer, featuring an all quartz bowl, separated from a highly responsive heating element. Linx has paid close attention to developments in larger dab rigs where quartz banger nails with electric heating elements have become a trustworthy alternative. The Blaze incorporates this heating method in a highly compact atomizer with impressive results. The quartz ‘bucket’ is adequately protected by a thick stainless steel outer shell and allows for immediate heat transfer from the inlaid heating element coiled up under the bucket. The all-quartz medical grade material guarantees a clean, wholesome and terpy vapour.

Zero Atomizer

We’ve come to love Linx’s take on the ceramic atomizer in the Hypnos Zero, with a ceramic disk instead of traditional donut. The inevitable drawback of a donut-shaped heating element is its uneven heat distribution, which mainly spreads heat on the circle of the donut, leaving the material collected in the 'eye' not properly vaporized. The Hypnos Zero’s convex heating ‘halo’ disk  allows for material to be heated more evenly with any residue being collected in a narrow groove at the outer rim of the disk. The Blaze improves on this nifty solution by increasing the size of the disk allowing for more material to be heated all at once while at the same time recessing the disk further, preventing unheated material from disappearing along the edge of the disk. The disk heats up to the highest temperature setting in a blink of an eye and the increased size of the atomizer will allow you to load material to your heart’s content. This heavy-duty atomizer is your ticket to dense, gratifying clouds.

Battery packs a punch

The most noticeable improvement over the Hypnos Zero is the Blaze’s impressive 900mAh battery which is 510-threaded. The battery charges via USB cable in two to three hours and is sold separately as well.

Linx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Build quality

So very shiny

Like the Hypnos Zero, the Blaze’s brushed stainless steel finish is buttery smooth. This concentrate pen feels reassuringly heavy in your hand and the precision with which each part has been machine-tooled is impressive. Linx has been consistent in the level of detail brought to design and finish and this portable concentrate vaporizer is no exception. The control button on the Blaze is now a protruding metal disk which feels more durable to the touch compared to the large, slightly wobbly, plastic disk on the Hypnos Zero. The indicator light on the Blaze is now a subtle pinhole led located above the control button.

Airflow redesign

The four holes providing the air intake on the Hypnos Zero were integrated in the atomizer and made for an unimpeded airflow directly from the top of the atomizer to the filter. The air holes in the Blaze are drilled into the filter section which screws into the atomizer. The air is now guided along the side of the atomizer before entering the bowl thereby reducing possible leaking and clogging of the air holes.

Linx Blaze review - User friendliness

One button control

The Blaze is activated and controlled with just one button. Clicking 5 times will turn the device on and off, the indicator light will blink five times when the device is turned on and you’re ready to start vaping at the last temperature level you selected. Three clicks to cycle between four temperature settings (blue, green, yellow and red). The indicator light will blink three times before changing to the newly selected temperature level. When the indicator light turns white and blinks 8 times, it’s time to recharge the device. Pretty straightforward. Holding the main button down will quickly heat the atomizer to the set level. A built-in safeguard prevents overheating (the indicator light will turn light and blink to let you know the device is no longer heating).

Superfast heating

The temperature range and heating time is without a doubt one of the major assets of this elegant concentrate vaporizer. Four temperature settings deliver the appropriate range: from low temp dabbing to powerful hits, the Blaze delivers as promised. The pen draws on the powerful 900mAh workhorse to quickly reach the desired temperature and then maintains the temperature level by heating more sparingly. A low temp dab in the Ace atomizer is as flavourful, mild and clean tasting as you could ever wish for, while a powerful, instant and harsh hit on the highest temperature is right at your fingertips as well. The Zero atomizer heats up like a real trooper despite its large heating surface, allowing you to take powerful hits. It would have been nice to get an actual idea of the temperature settings, which Linx doesn’t provide. Other than that, the atomizers tend to get pretty hot, especially on the high setting which is slightly annoying, considering that this is the area where your thumb and finger will be.

Linx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Maintenance and accessories

All parts replaceable

The sturdy protective case holds your Blaze with both atomizers, a loading tool, a spare mouthpiece, and the short but elegant USB charging cable. The Blaze’s modular design allows you to switch between replacement parts and gives the ability to keep a spare battery ready. Replace both atomizers, mouthpiece, filter sections and magnetic lint cap as you go along and extend your Linx’s lifespan at a manageable cost. The glass bubbler that already worked its magic on the Hypnos Zero is also compatible with the Blaze.

Limited warranty

The Blaze’s battery module comes with Linx’s 1-year warranty. The warranty does not apply to the atomizers.

Bath time

Your Blaze could do with regular cleaning and this is mainly done through isopropyl alcohol baths. Removing residue from the atomizers is easily done by heating them on the red setting and let the residue drip out (use a tissue to wipe off those stubborn stay-behinds). Leave parts to soak for a while and your device comes out looking brand new. Check Linx’s cleaning guide video below for detailed instructions.

Linx Blaze review - Pros and Cons


- Elegant, shiny, sleek, smooth, well-built, heavy feel
- Dual atomizers for two distinct vaping experiences
- Atomizers successfully address common problems associated with ceramic donut and quartz coil technologies
- Powerful, powerful battery
- 4 temperature settings with superfast heating time


- Limited warranty of 1 year, applies solely to the battery
- Atomizers feel pretty hot to the touch

Linx Blaze review - Who is this for?

The Linx Blaze is a high performing concentrate pen and we would be hard pressed to find a worthy competitor. A logical choice would no doubt be the Hypnos Zero, its predecessor. Upgrading from your Hypnos Zero is definitely a sound idea as the improved Zero atomizer, increased battery life and reduced heating time will make all the difference. Experienced dabbers who are looking for a way to take their all-quartz flavour experience on the road will find a reliable companion in the Ace atomizer.

Linx Blaze review - The final verdict

Linx continues to impress with its versatile and beautifully designed line of portable concentrate pens and the Blaze could rightly be considered its flagship model. An unrivaled powerhouse, remarkably responsive in terms of heating and undeniably modular. The dual atomizers provide the complete concentrate vaping experience: from powerful and large hits to terpy, low-temp vaping. Both atomizers are a testament to Linx’s design philosophy which favours incremental improvements and avoids common pitfalls associated with both ceramic donut and quartz coil atomizers. If you are into concentrates and you’re looking for a definitive, portable, cold-loading concentrate pen, look no further.

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