Sports and vaping: how can a vaporizer add to your workout?

By Alex P. | April 2020

For beginners / intermediates

The new NFL collective bargaining agreement, introduced in March 2020, made headlines all around the world. Under the new CBA, NFL players will no longer be suspended for testing positive for the dry herb we all love so much. With this new agreement, the NFL has gone from being one of the strictest leagues regarding this matter to adopting one of the more “free-spirited” approaches in professional sports.

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Under the new NFL CBA players will no longer be suspended for our beloved dry herb.

While the link between sports and our beloved dry herb may be confusing to outsiders, us botanists have always known how beneficial it can be for our sporty activities. Originally, we may have only known subconsciously, but more and more information is being made available, not only by herb enthusiasts but by the scientific community as well. 

Consuming dry herbs and working out

Your body is capable of naturally producing cannabinoids. These are known as endocannabinoids, from the Greek prefix endon, meaning “inner, within”. A particularly interesting endocannabinoid is anandamide. Anandamide - from the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning “joy, bliss, delight” - plays a crucial role in what we commonly refer to as a runner’s high. Cannabinoids, found in a “certain” plant and taken in by the body through the consumption of dry herb, help manage - amongst others - pain and emotions. 

Dry herb can also function as a bronchodilator, relaxing the muscles in your lungs and widening your airways. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand how this can positively affect your performance when it comes to sports. And since you’re visiting VapoShop, we’re gonna assume you are with us when we state that vaping is by the far the best way to consume our beloved dry herb. 

Which vaporizer do I use for which physical activity?

To celebrate the beautiful romance between sports and vaping, we have carefully selected our favourite vapes for different sporty activities. If you’re looking for a solid vape to go along with your workout, it is essentially a matter of choosing between a session vaporizer or an on-demand vaporizer. 

Session vaporizer or on-demand vaporizer?

Let’s quickly revisit session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers. On-demand vaporizers offer (almost) instant satisfaction at any time. They only heat up your precious dry herb when you activate them. Your material is not heated in between hits, which makes it ideal for microdosing, When we translate microdosing to working out, on-demand vaporizers are ideal for routines with short breaks in between, giving you the opportunity to quickly hit your vape.

Session vaporizers, on the other hand, heat up our beloved dry herb continuously over a set period of time, until it’s spent. This urges you to finish the bowl in one session - thus the name session vaporizer. When we link session vaporizers to working out, we turn to them when we want to prepare for a workout or cool down after one. We need to allow ourselves the required time to complete the vaping session.

Sports best combined with a session vaporizer

Whether outside or on the treadmill, running usually is a continuous process. By hitting the old sesh vape beforehand, you will not only allow your dry herb to function as a bronchodilator, but you’ll also get a headstart on that runner’s high. Instead of focusing on how many more miles, you will also inspire yourself to enjoy your surroundings or experience a little more. This also applies to other distance covering sports like cycling and (ice) skating. Then we have sports that are better suited to session vaporizers because of where they take place, such as water sports. It’s probably handier to start a vape session beforehand, then to make a fool out of yourself by trying to get your on-demand device to work while on the float.

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Get a headstart on your runner’s high with a nice vape session.

Are you into sports that are better suited to a session vaporizer? Then you might want to check out some of the following options. Germany’s Storz & Bickel has been very successful with their session vaporizers in the last couple of years, in particular with the Mighty and the Crafty+. You can always count on these quality built devices to deliver even heating, and both of them are driven by very solid batteries. These are real high-class devices, which also shows in the pricing. If you’re looking for more affordable alternatives, then Boundless’ devices such as the CFX or CFV might be a better match for you. Other solid options include the PAX 3, the Eden or the Gaia by Linx, and G Pens like the Pro and Elite.

Crafty+, Storz and Bickel, session vaporizer and sports, session vaporizer and exercise, session vaporizer and working out, session vaping and sports, session vaping and exercise, session vaping and working out
The Crafty+ is the latest session vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.

Sports best combined with an on-demand vaporizer

As mentioned above, on-demand vaporizers are ideal for routines with short breaks in between. This covers a very broad range of physical activities, from yoga to martial arts to plenty of other sports. As a matter of fact, let’s start with the Joe Rogan trifecta of dry herb, yoga and martial arts. At VapoShop, we highly recommend throwing a good on-demand vaporizer into the mix of your yoga practice or bag training. See how it affects your breathing, for instance, and what this means for your practice in general. Also, our beloved dry herb can have a nice effect on your muscle recovery after working out. With this in mind, it’s sweet to have your on-demand device on standby once your practice is over. In other words, don’t spend all your herb during training, but leave some for later.

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Vaping is making rounds in the MMA world.

Are you big on sports that allow you to take short breaks in between, making them better suited to on-demand vaporizers? Then allow us to introduce you to some of our top picks. One of our current favorites in the on-demand section is the Firefly 2+, which heats up super fast and produces some of the best tasting vapour you’ll ever experience. If taste is a huge factor for you, but the Firefly is perhaps a little too pricey, the DynaVap VapCap 2020 M is a great alternative. Just don’t forget you’d need a torch lighter.

on-demand vaporizer, firefly 2+, firefly2+ and sports, firefly2+ and exercise, firefly2+ and working out, on-demand vaporizer and sports, on-demand vaporizer and exercise, on-demand vaporizer and working out
The Firefly 2+ is one of our current favourite on-demand vaporizers.

On-demand vaporizers for concentrates

Are you more into concentrates? Then we have something for you as well. Our current favorite is the Puffco Peak. The Peak is quite the eye-catcher, but we haven’t just featured it here because of its looks. The Peak is a super straightforward portable e-rig, combining the control and practicality of electronic nails with an authentic dabbing experience. If you're looking for a slightly more affordable option, we suggest getting acquainted with the Linx Ares. Ares produces super clean, super tasty clouds of thick vapour for less than €100. We would like to remind everybody that concentrates and sports is only for the more seasoned vapers out there.


We’re ready for the world to adopt a more sensible approach to the combination of sports and dry herb. Needless to say, we highly recommend combining the two with the help of a vaporizer. We genuinely believe vaping our beloved herb - before, during and after - can have a serious positive effect on your routines. It’s just a matter of finding the right device for your workout. If you’re with us on this matter, please share your personal experience with us. We’d love to hear from you on this one!

The best vaporizers to use while playing video games

Main photo credit: JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

By: Chuka P-J | Date: May 2020

For: Beginners

What kind of vaporizer do you choose for which kind of games? 

Gaming and dry herbs (you know which one we mean) have always gone hand-in-hand. And now, in these trying pandemic times, it’s more important than ever to reflect on the positive side of self-quarantine; extra playtime with your favourite console or gaming pc.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already made, or are about to make, the decision to stop smoking and switch to the much healthier form of consuming your beloved dry herb: vaping.    

With so many different types of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers on the market, you may find it a little difficult to find your way through the myriad of choices, and decide which one is best suited to your preferred type of games and play style. To make the search for your ideal vape a bit easier, whether it is a flower or extract vaporizer, we’ve narrowed the playing field down to two major areas of distinction: ‘on-demand’ and ‘session’ vaporizers. Both have their pro’s and con’s, and in this article, we’ll take you through all of them to help you on your way to finding the best vaporizer to fit your playstyle. 

The main difference between these two ways of vaping is in the time the device needs to get to the correct temperature and the number of hits you can take before the device starts to cool down again. Do you prefer long sessions or are a few hits all you need? This is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. 

What is a session vaporizer?

Session vaporizers are by far the most common type of dry herb or extract vaporizers out there. These vapes generally use the conduction method of heating the material and are referred to as session vapes mostly because the herbs packed in the chamber oven need to be consumed in one continuous session. So, during an online match of FIFA, NBA LIVE, or Call Of Duty or any kind of game where you’ll have little time to pause the gameplay, a session vape would not be such a good idea because you won’t have time for a full “sesh”.

With the session vape’s conduction method of vaporisation, the herbs will continue to ‘bake’ in between draws. This means that your vaporizer will still be heating your material while you are in the heat of battle, and that, dear reader, is just plain wasteful. Especially if you run your session vape through a heating-cycle while you only have time to take one or two puffs. 

Session vapes like the Crafty+ or Mighty by Storz & Bickel can also take a while to heat up to operating temperature (30-60 seconds), so you’ll have to take that into account as well before you fire up your device. Starting a session right before a match might make you miss your window for a good sesh, and that is just as wasteful.

It’s safe to say that by now we can conclude that a session vaporizer isn’t the best choice if you predominately play online games, like first-person shooters or sports games. Session vapes are better suited for those solo moments, where you can pause the game whenever you feel the need to draw-in some lovely vapour. 

Session vapes are usually more budget-friendly and can cost considerably less than their on-demand counterparts — but not always. The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is a good session model that costs around €229.-. You can also get a reliable session vape for under €100,- like the Boundless CFX.

Note: There are dry herb vaporizers that use a hybrid method of both convection and conduction heating. Most of these are generally considered session vaporizers and may sound like a good alternative to use during online games because some of these vapes have the option to pause the session in between. But, in our experience, these pauses still don’t prevent you from “roasting” your herb while you have both hands on the controller or keyboard. But more on that later.

What is an on-demand vaporizer?

An on-demand (9 out of 10 times a convection) vaporizer is basically the type of vape that doesn’t require you to vape all the material in the chamber in one session. In other words, the hits are just when you (demand) want them and you can take a break in between hits without wasting the contents of the chamber.

You have the luxury of choosing to consume as much or as little of material as you want, turn the device off and then pick it up later. This makes on-demand vaporizers perfect for gamers who may need to focus on their games and as a result, may only have the time to take quick hits during respawn moments or during loading screens. 

On-demand vapes like the Firefly 2+ use convection heating technology, however not all convection vaporizers are considered to be ‘on-demand’, like the Boundless TERA for instance. Some convection vapes can take up to 20 seconds to heat up, while a true on-demand convection vape is ready to use within a couple of seconds of turning it on. This can be very useful in those 5-10 seconds when an online game session is loading and you really want to take a hit, with no time to waste.

The ultimate on-demand vaping setup during your gaming-session

Now, when it comes to on-demand vaping, there is one, may we say, ‘ultimate’ setup. That is the combination of the 2020 “M” or OmniVap and the Apollo 2 induction heater by DynaVap. With this setup, you can get a hit ready in under 5 seconds! The Dynavap vaporizers already take little time to heat up, but with the induction heater, you can do it without putting down the controller because you need only one hand to do it. Just have the DynaVap loaded up beforehand and when you need a puff, push the vape down in the hole and wait for the ‘click’. That’s all you need. 

Desktop vaporizers during gaming sessions

Why haven’t talked about desktop vaporizers in this article? Well, that’s because most (if not all) home vaporizers like the Volcano Classic are essentially session vaporizers and we foresee that they will present the same “problems” you’ll have with portable session vapes. And yet, there are exceptions to this rule. With this we mean desktop vapes that also work with a “whip” or “tube” setup, like the Volcano Hybrid or the less costly Arizer V-Tower. If you can find a way to have these vaporizers placed at arm’s length somewhere in your gaming area, you can put the mouthpiece of the tube in or close to your mouth and take continuous hits all session long. It just takes a bit more effort and ingenuity.

gaming and vaping, gaming and vaporizers, session vaping, on-demand vaping, video games and vaping, video games and vaporizers, Arizer V-Tower,
Have you ever tried gaming with a desktop vaporizer? Photo by Antoine Maignan.

Tips on the hygienic use of your vapes during these coronavirus times

Because it is, of course, necessary to be extremely hygienic with your vaporizers, to prevent possible contamination or spread of the coronavirus, we have listed a number of tips:

  1. Clean your vape a bit more often than you normally do.
  2. Do not share your vape with others.
  3. Make sure you’re the only one using your vape. The vapour you blow out can also contain tiny droplets that can spread the coronavirus.
  4. And please, stay home, play games, and vape.

What’s new with the 2020 “M” by Dynavap: An update review

So many updated features in such a small pen vaporizer

By Robert | April 2020

The new Dynavap 2020 “M” is out! And as is becoming tradition, this year’s "M" comes with a generous amount of improvements. So much so that I can’t afford to beat around the bush and will jump right into listing all the cool new features and upgrades this open flame-operated, dry herb vaporizer brings.

Look and feel of the new 2020 "M"

The new body of the “M” looks groovy in every sense of the word. Dynavap has machined the new "M" to give it a more intricate grooved design. This new design doesn’t only play with the light in funky ways when I roll it through my fingers, it also results in a more tactile experience. It gives me more grip while heating the tip and allows me to find the airports by touch alone. It also feels lighter, even though it is made from the same stainless steel as the previous "M"’s and in reality, only weighs slightly under two grams less.

portable vaporizer or pen vaporizer or open-flame operated vaporizer by Dynavap

More control over airflow with the 2020 “M”

One of the best new features of the 2020 "M" are the two Chiral airports, which give me so much more control over the airflow. I can now change the airflow by covering one airport, either partly or all the way, while the other airport still generates a good amount of air intake. This allows me to take nice smooth, light flavour hits from this dry herb vape.

Or, I can cover both airports for full draw resistance and those long, drawn-out hits with deep inhales. 
I can even choose to let my fingertip hover closely over one or both airports. This provides an interesting twist in airflow and I can actually feel vortexes and fluid dynamic effects happening in and around the device. These effects are a lot of fun to play around with and I’m sure everybody is going to develop their own draw technique with this cool new feature.

Airflow control with the carb-hole or chiral airports on the 2020 M vapcap
The new Chiral airports on the 2020 “M” allow you to play around with the fluid dynamics of airflow.

More flavour, more vapour with the 2020 “M”

Dynavap’s products have always been top tier when it comes to flavour experience. With the 2020 "M", Dynavap has outdone itself once again. The new airflow control features clearly make the difference between this model and the previous "M"’s, like the 2019 and 2018 versions. 
This amazing little pen vaporizer gives me access to the full flavour profile, no matter which herb I filled it with, hitting even the subtlest of notes. 

Getting the hang of consistent vapour production took me a bit longer, simply because the new "M" has so many more airflow options to play with. But, once I discovered the subtle differences between using different torch-lighters and induction heating I got to a point where I could switch between taking light but terpie whiffs and sizable clouds of vapour. Again, you’ll have to try it out for yourself and play around with it until you’ve dialled in your preferred method and cloud consistency.

DynaTec Apollo 2 induction heater for the best vaporisation and vapour quality
The 2020 “M” and DynaTec Apollo 2 induction heater, a match made in heaven.


If you are as much of a flavour freak as I am, you’ll love this next feature: The “Adjust-a-bowl”. The idea behind the Adjust-a-bowl is that you can push the filter screen (aka CCD) forward in the tip, essentially reducing the size of the herb bowl by 50%. This is a feature we have already seen with the titanium Omnivap and is great for microdosing as well as wasting less material when I go for those single “flavour hits”. 

Stainless steel tip and bowl of the 2020 “M” vapcap by Dynavap
The new stainless steel tip allows you to half the size of the bowl.

Never again lose your cap with the Captive Cap 

It hasn’t happened that often, but I do have to admit that I have lost my fair share of caps over the years I’ve been using Dynavap’s portable vaporizers. This is now a thing of the past with the “Captive Cap”. And by that, Dynavap means they made two small indents on either side of the cap so that it now ‘grips’ the grooves on the tip on any Dynavap device and holds its place until I want it to come off.  

The 2020 “M” now natively fits with your favourite 10mm bong 

The last new upgrade the 2020 “M” brings to the table is the tapered mouthpiece. This new shape of the mouthpiece makes the 2020 “M” fit snugly in any 10mm glass bong, mini-rig or glass adaptor. The NonavonG and HydravonG had a similar feature, but those were made for 14mm bongs and rigs. Now I can use a Dynavap vaporizer with almost every bong or rig in my collection. Oh, the joy!

vaporizer to 10mm bong or glass rig connection glass adaptor
The new, tapered shape of the 2020 “M” mouthpiece.

The takeaway

Let’s be honest, Dynavap has come up with a new variation on the “M” almost every year since its inception. And yet, I never got the feeling I got the wool pulled over my eyes by superficial or cosmetic upgrades. Whenever Dynavap improves their products, they really do bring major improvements. The same goes for this new 2020 “M” and even if you already own one of its predecessors, which are still awesome in their own right by the way, upgrading to this new model will actually feel like an upgrade. Otherwise, give your old “M” to one of your closest friends and get a 2020 “M” for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.   
get the 2020 M here

Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer

Recommended for: beginners / intermediate

By: Alex P. Date: March 2020

Tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer

Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer is an essential part of happy vaping. Sure, it may not be the most glamorous part of your vaping life, but it’s an absolute must if you want to get the most out of your device - and thus out of your material. You’re also making sure you can enjoy your device over a longer period of time. So what does it take to properly maintain your vape? In this article, we’ll take a good look at vaporizer maintenance.

Get to know your vape 

So you spent some of your hard-earned cash on a sweet vaporizer. Good call! Like with a new car, it’s gonna take some time to really get to know your device. To stick to the car analogy, you should take your vape for a regular check- and clean up. If you don’t, GUNK - that gooey, waxy residue coming from your vaped plant or concentrate material, your biggest enemy in vape maintenance - will mess up your device in several ways. Gunk can seriously affect your vape’s lifespan and performance, causing heavier draw resistance, less flavour release and less vapour production in general. 

cleaning your vape, vape cleaning, vaporizer cleaning, cleaning your vaporizer, how to clean your vape, how to clean your vaporizer, vape maintenance, vaporizer maintenance
Gunk is your biggest enemy in maintaining your vaporizer.

If you regularly look after your vaporizer, you will get to know your device better and better over time. Take your vape apart. Clean all parts and subparts. Put it back together. Quite often the different parts of your device can also be taken apart individually. It can take a few cleaning sessions to really figure this out. Even the most dedicated vape enthusiasts make new discoveries from time to time. In the end, the more time you spend on cleaning your device, the more you will grow more familiar with all the nooks and crannies of your vaporizer. 

Read the manual and consult online sources on how to clean your vape

There is tons of valuable information readily available if you do the proper research. The manual alone should take you a long way. While it may seem obvious to you, there are plenty of vapers out there that need to hear this. So, just to be sure, I will be as clear as day: read your manual! Don’t just skim through it, properly read the instructions. It will pay off, trust me.

vaporizer cleaning manual, vape cleaning manual, vape cleaning instructions, vaporizer cleaning instructions, vaporizer maintenance manual, vape maintenance manual, vaporizers maintenance instructions, vape maintenance instructions
Properly reading your vaporizer manual goes a long way.

Aside from the manual, the glorious world wide web offers tons of support for cleaning and maintaining your vape. There are several cleaning instruction videos per vaporizer, especially for the bigger name vapes. 

Which products do I use for cleaning my vaporizer?

If you love your vaporizer, we strongly advise to always have some cleaning materials lying around. The bare minimum should be some proper alcohol wipes and swabs. Our VapoShop swabs are filled with ISO-alcohol, but it might be a good idea to not have this as your only source of ISO-alcohol, as ISO comes in super handy when it comes to vaporizer maintenance. It dissolves a wide range of compounds. Furthermore, it also evaporates rather swiftly, barely leaves any oil traces and is relatively non-toxic. 

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Working with the proper cleaning materials to maintain your vaporizer is crucial.

A lot of your vaporizer parts can benefit from a good overnight alcohol soak. However, it is very important - due to the power of ISO - that you make sure which parts you select for a good soak and which parts you just wipe down and then dry off. Once again: read your manual!! The information you need should be right there. Please also note that some parts are not made to be cleaned with alcohol at all. The manual should tell you which parts are better cleaned with water or other substances, e.g. dishwashing soap. 

Several brands have put out cleaning brushes and tools for their vaporizers, including PAX - for the PAX 2 and PAX 3, Storz & Bickel - for the Volcano, DaVinci, De Verdamper, and more. These tools are not vaporizer specific - at least not in my humble opinion - and can perfectly be used for multiple devices from different manufacturers. But it let it be known that it’s important to not just maintain your vaporizer, but also maintain your vaporizer maintenance tools. Gunk on a brush makes your next cleaning session a lot more labour-intensive.

Replacing spare vaporizer parts

One final subject to tackle is replacing spare parts. While you will become more experienced in maintaining your device the more you do it, there also comes a time when it’s necessary to say goodbye to certain replaceable parts. Do not wait too long when it comes to replacing these parts. They’re called replaceable for a reason…

In conclusion

Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer is an essential part of your vape life. It allows you to get the most out of your device, and thus out of your dry herbs and concentrates. In the end, this is not only good for your vaporizer, but also for your wallet. The more time you spend on cleaning your device, the better you will get to know it. By taking your device apart, you will eventually figure out which individual parts also come apart themselves. Give yourself some time when it comes to figuring this out. Also, don’t hesitate to make use of all the valuable information that’s out there. This starts with reading the manual. On top of that, there is plenty of information to be found online. Furthermore, just like you invested in your vaporizer, make sure to invest in the proper cleaning materials. And last but not least, don’t wait too long when it comes to replacing the replaceable parts. Follow these suggestions and live vappily ever after.

Announcing the VapoShop Vape Glossary

So you’re interested in vaping, otherwise, we wouldn’t find you here at VapoShop. And we appreciate your visit. But making your first rounds through the wonderful world of vaporizers can be confusing, even daunting at times, partly because of all the slang that’s used. 

In a friendly attempt to help you navigate your way through the jargon, we’re launching a Vaporizer Glossary. If you’re not sure about the meaning of one or more of those tricky slang terms, hit up our glossary to help you fully understand what’s actually being said. 

Certain terms will pop up on multiple pages. Take for instance the different heating techniques. We can imagine you’re not fully in the loop when comes to the difference between conduction or convection heating. To make things even more confusing, there are also several vaporizers that make use of the so-called hybrid heating technique. This is where our glossary can be of major assistance. 

Another important aspect of vaping is the so-called draw resistance on a vaporizer. The draw resistance is a major part of your vaping experience. Furthermore - especially at those early stages - you might want to establish whether you could benefit more from a session vaporizer or a device that offers (almost-) instant vaping.  

We will continuously update this glossary with new terms based on customer feedback and frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you feel like a certain term should be added. By all means, send us your requests. Also know that we are considering making separate glossaries for our Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish customers. All suggestions are welcome. Reply to this blog or drop us a line on one of our social media channels.

Head over to the glossary!

How to choose the right vaporizer?!??

Find the ultimate device for you by asking yourself these essential vape questions

By Alex P. Date: March 2020

I’ll be the first to admit it: VapoShop offers A LOT of vaporizers. I imagine it can be confusing at times, especially when you’re relatively new to vaping. This is where I can help out. You see, up until recently, I was very new to vaping myself. But then I started working as a content writer for VapoShop. To be fair: in comparison to some of my more seasoned colleagues, I am still pretty green (no pun intended) when it comes to vaping. Hopefully, I can use this as an advantage in helping my fellow newbies make the right decision when buying a vaporizer.

Vaping is healthier

Let me start off by congratulating you for finding your way here. If you’re looking at vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking then you’ve already won half the battle. Whether you’re a (former) dedicated smoker looking for a better way to enjoy your herbs or a total rookie exploring ways to consume, vaping is the way to go!

Healthy vaping, vaporizers for health, health advantages vaporizers, health advantages vaping, vaping over smoking, is vaping better than smoking
Looking at vaporizers as a healthier way of consuming? You’re on the right path!

Finding the best vaporizer for you!

So how do you find that one device that meets all your demands? I believe that the answers to the questions below should guide you to ultimately finding the perfect vaporizer for you. At VapoShop, we don’t believe in such a thing as the best vaporizer. What matters is finding the vaporizer that is best suited to your personal wishes. Let the questions below help you find your ideal device.

Which material do you want to vape?

Perhaps the most crucial question to ask yourself: which material do I want to vape? VapoShop offers a broad selection of both herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers. Can’t choose between herbs and concentrates? Luckily we also have plenty of hybrid vaporizers, suited to both herbs AND concentrates. For most of you, the answer to the material question was probably already established before finding your way here. So what else should you be asking yourself?

Where do you want to vape?

Determining the location of your vaporizing sessions helps a great deal in finding the perfect vaporizer for you. At VapoShop, we carry both desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers don’t have a size limitation, so they tend to be bigger than the portable ones. In return, they produce better vapour which hits you harder, as well as offering instant usage and longer sessions. Desktop vaporizers are also a better choice if your vaporizing experience is more socially orientated. And in certain cases, they can also function as a beautiful home decoration

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, allow you to toke discreetly while you’re out and about. If you want to enjoy your preferred material when you’re travelling or share your finest herbs with friends at a party, this is the category for you. However, some portable vaporizers are more stealth than others, so the look and size of the vaporizer might be something to also factor into your decision process. Furthermore, some of them have an internal heating system, while others require an external flame. Portable vaporizers definitely come in different shapes and forms, so if this is the category for you, consider the look and the heating process of the device before purchasing.

portable vaporizers, outdoor vaping, vaping on-the-go, stealthy vaping, discreet vaping
Portable vaporizers like the DynaVap VapCap M allow you to consume dry herbs outdoors.

How often do I want to vape?

The question “how often do I want to vape?” is closely tied to a few other essential vaping questions, most of which we have already discussed earlier. If you’re looking for vaporizers that offer instant satisfaction at any given moment, you might want to consider an on-demand desktop or portable vaporizer, perhaps with an external flame. These vaporizers do not heat up your precious herbs continuously over a set period of time, but only when you activate the vaporizer, thus not heating your material in between hits. If you’re looking to microdose, these would be the vaporizers for you. There is no need to finish your bowl in one session, which is the case with - what’s in a name? - session vaporizers. 

Session vaporizers are vaporizers that deliver a permanent, continuous heat emission until your herb is spent. To get the most out of your material, you have to finish your herbs in one session. As the heating element requires some time to reach the configured temperature, it isn’t wise to pause your session midway.

Session vaporizers vs on-demand vaporizers

To start this paragraph off right, we should point out that open flame vaporizers (which are always considered on-demand vaporizers) such as the VapCap M or the Sticky Brick Junior can require some patience when you’re relatively new to vaping. They are not easy to master and you should factor in the necessary learning curve. On-demand vaporizers with an internal heating system such as the Magic Flight or Firefly 2+ are more user-friendly. This also applies to session vaporizers like the IQ2.

DaVinci IQ2 portable vaporizer, on-demand vaporizer, internal heating vaporizer, user-friendly vaporizer, session versus on-demand vaporizer
The IQ2 is an easy-to-operate vaporizer.

On-demand vaporizers tend to be a little more pricey than session vaporizers. If being able to vape at any time with the option to also stop your session at any time doesn’t factor in for you, you might feel like taking it slightly more easy on your wallet. Which brings us to our next question…

What’s your budget?

An essential question to any purchase: what’s my budget? Perhaps you’re interested in trying vaping for the first time. Understandably, you don’t want to spend big bucks right away. Thankfully good vaporizers don’t need to be expensive. As a matter of fact, we have an amazing collection of vaporizers under € 100

If you’re big on discounts, then you might want to have a look at our sale. We also offer a pretty awesome collection of refurbished vaporizers. Yes, they have been opened and used before, but these vaporizers are in excellent condition and are also sold at a considerably lower price. On top of that, you would be making an environmental impact by bringing them back into circulation.

Do you want great taste or strong effects?

One of the most important things I learned when it comes to vaping, is that there are different reasons why people vape. Some of my more seasoned colleagues are all about the flavour experience, where others just want their material to hit as hard and as soon as possible. This can also be a factor when determining the best vaporizer for you. Would you consider yourself a flavour chaser or is the effect more important to you? 

When it comes to taste, we are big fans of devices such as the aforementioned Firefly 2+ and DynaVap VapCap M, as well as the elegant beauty that is the Linx Eden. If you're mostly looking for strong impact, we highly recommend checking out the Mighty by Storz & Bickel or the Boundless TERA.

Firefly 2+ great taste, taste experience, terpenes, taste over impact, vaporizer with great taste
The Firefly 2+ provides one of the best flavour experiences available.

Do you like big clouds?

Some of the vaporizers we carry definitely produce bigger vapour clouds than others. The size of the vapour cloud can be an underestimated part of your vaping experience. It seems that people who have a history of smoking - and perhaps want to leave it in the past - tend to get more satisfaction out of vaporizers that produce a slightly bigger vapour cloud. While some vaporizers are more catered to flavour chasers - see above - , other vaporizers, e.g. the Crafty+ and the Boundless CFX, are better suited to the cloud crowd. So, ask yourself which one you identify with more. And find you a vaporizer that matches your personal desires.

crafty+ vaporizer, storz & bickel, big clouds, vapour cloud
The Crafty+ is a vaporizer that definitely produces some proper cloudage.

Do you like mobile apps?

A lot of our vaporizers come with a nice display that tells you all about battery life, temperature settings and more. The ones without a display tend to require a bit of patience and skill if you want to learn how to adjust certain settings. If you’re all about convenience, you might want to consider downloading the corresponding mobile app - if it’s available. The mobile apps for vaporizers tend to give you full control over the temperature settings, insight into battery life and more.   

Use our filters!

The questions discussed above should help you on your quest to find the one and start your vaporizer-romance. In order to further assist you on your quest, we strongly recommend playing around with our filters. We put them there for a reason: to help you find the right device. Furthermore, on our VapoShop blog, you can find several in-depth reviews as well as one-on-one comparisons between similar models. All in all, we’re hoping that with everything discussed above we’ll make it easier for you to find the best vaporizer for you.

VapoShop Vape Glossary


  • Adjustable temperature: Gives you control over the vaporization temperature. Choose from different settings or set to your personal liking via a digital display or through a mobile app. Example: Flowermate Mini
  • Airflow: The air that is part of the vaporization process and the way it flows through your device. Most modern-day devices come with adjustable airflow. Example: DaVinci IQ2
  • Alcohol wipe: Isopropyl alcohol wipe, also available as cotton swabs. Example: VapoShop alcohol wipe
  • Atomizer: The part of your vaporizer that heats up the oven in which you place your material. Example: Atomizer overview
  • AVB: Already Vaped Bud: A term to describe material such as (aromatic) dry herb that has been vaped to completion but can still be used for purposes other than vaping, like cooking or seasoning food. Can be stored for later use. Example: VapoShop aromatherapy herbs overview


  • Bowl: Where you place your material for vaporization. Also known as the oven or chamber. Example: Boundless CFX
  • Box mod: A box mod is a power and control unit that can be used with a number of atomizers, sub-ohm tanks, glass tools and bowls. Example: WISMEC Box mod
  • Bubbler: An accessory for certain vaporizers that allows you to cool and filter the vapour with water. Example: Arizer bubbler mouthpiece


  • Chamber: Where you place your material for vaporization. Also known as the oven or bowl. Example: Linx Eden
  • Coil: The material within the atomizer that creates heat. Example: Linx Hypnos Zero coil
  • Concentrate pad: Also lava pad or liquid pad: Place your concentrates on this pad and then place your pad in your vaporizer. You are now ready to vape concentrates. Example: Linx Gaia lava plate
  • Conduction heating: A method through which the material is heated by direct contact between the oven walls and the material. Conduction heating is not influenced by airflow and inhalation. Example: VapoShop conduction heating vaporizers overview
  • Convection heating: A method through which the material is heated by the transference of heat through air. With convection heating, the oven is usually separated from the herb chamber and the temperature is influenced by airflow and inhalation. Example: VapoShop convection heating vaporizers overview


  • Dab/Dabbing: The act of vaping concentrated doses of active ingredients extracted from your preferred materials. Example: G Pen Nova LXE
  • Daily driver: A vaporizer you use and take with you all the time. Example: DaVinci IQ2 in-depth review
  • Delivery method: Different ways of inhaling the vapour: through a balloon or whip, or directly through the mouthpiece. Example: Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve
  • Desktop Vaporizer: Also Home Vaporizer or Table Vaporizer: Non-portable vaporizers to be used at home, on a table or desk. Example: VapoShop Desktop vaporizers main page
  • Direct draw: A direct method of inhaling straight into your lungs, without "stalling" the vapour in your mouth before inhaling. Example: DynaVap VapCap M
  • Draw resistance: The higher the draw resistance, the harder you have to inhale (draw) from your vaporizer. Example: DaVinci IQ2
  • Dry Herb: The herbs you wish to vaporize. Example: VapoShop dry herb vaporizers main page
  • Dual-use vaporizer: A device that is suitable for vaping both dry herbs as well as concentrates. Example: PAX 3



  • Flavour Chamber: A chamber in a vaporizer for additional herbs, creating a fusion flavour experience. Example: DaVinci IQ2
  • Flavour Chaser: A vaper who is all about the flavour experience, and less focused on clouds or physiological effects. Example: Firefly 2+



  • Heating element: The part of your vaporizer that heats up your material of choice. Example: Mighty vaporizer
  • Heating oven: Also called "Oven" or "heating Chamber". Where you place your material for it to be heated up. Example: DaVinci IQ2
  • Hit: Also called "draw", "puff" or "pull". Inhaling vapour from a vaporizer. Example: DynaVap VapCap M





  • LED-display: Some vaporizers have a digital LED display, which usually informs you about the battery life and temperature settings. Example: Mighty vaporizer
  • Lithium-ion battery: A type of rechargeable battery. In the batteries, lithium ions move from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge, and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the material at the positive electrode and typically graphite at the negative electrode. Example: Arizer Air II/ArGo battery
  • Loading funnel: An add-on for vaporizers to help you load your material into the device, created to combat spillage of precious herbs. Example: Linx Gaia loading funnel




  • Open flame: An open flame vaporizer is a vaporizer that requires an external flame to heat up your material. Example: DynaVap brand overview
  • Oven: See Heating Oven/Chamber. Example: Storm vaporizer





  • Screen: A mesh filter that makes sure your material does not make its way into the inside of your vape. Example: Mighty screen set
  • Session: A term to describe the length of time between your vaporizer reaching its desired temperature until it cools down again, ending the session. The timeframe in which you can take hits (draws). Example: G Pen Elite
  • Session vaporizer: A vaporizer that maintains a certain temperature over a set period of time, allowing you to take multiple hits in one session. Example: PAX 3




  • Valve (Easy Valve): Storz & Bickel attachment to connect your balloon to the Volcano vaporizer. Example: Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve


  • Water Filtration: Also known as a bubbler. A filter and cooling attachment for your vape device. Example: VapoShop bubbler overview page
  • Whip: A rubber, plastic or silicone tube or hose attachment that allows you to directly vape from a desktop vaporizer without the use of a ballon. Somewhat similar to a hookah or shisha water pipe. Example: VapoShop whip overview page




  • Zirconia: Strong transition material, similar to titanium. Example: DaVinci IQ2

VapoShop’s Smallest Portable Vaporizers (Banana for Scale)

A tribute to the smallest and most discreet vaporizers in the VapoShop store

Of course size matters. At VapoShop, we like our portions large. But since it’s the shortest month of the year, we figured we’d pay tribute to some of our favourite smaller-sized vaporizers currently available. It’s easy to find beauty in these small things, ‘cause small things become great when done with love. 

The vaporizers we’ve selected are easy to bring along and help you keep a low profile. They are stealthy, discreet, subtle, incognito, undercover and above all small vaporizers. In a very disappointing attempt to keep the number of small quotes small, we can’t leave out that big things come in small packages, as this undeniably applies to the vaporizers discussed below.


The PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer, suitable for vaping herbs and concentrates. We highly recommend the Complete Kit if you’re a fan of both. However, we also offer a Device Only package of this very sleek, stylish vaporizer. Either way, the PAX 3 definitely packs a punch, and it's one that fits every pocket and looks good at every party. 

Pax 3 portable and discreet vaporizer

Show me the PAX 3

Flowermate Mini V5.0S Pro

The Flowermate Mini is equipped with a glass mouthpiece, which makes for a great flavour experience. What’s also nice: the glass mouthpiece can easily be kept safe in the storage space at the bottom of the Flowermate Mini. Furthermore, it’s one of the few vaporizers on this list that is operated by a full set of buttons and has a display. The Flowermate Mini can also be used as a power bank to charge your mobile phone! Now we can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this, like ever….sacrificing valuable vape time to charge something else…..but hey, at least you have the option, which is great.  

Flowermate Mini V5.0S Pro is a small and portable dry herb vaporizer

Show me the Flowermate Mini


The DaVinci MIQRO is powered by a removable 18350 battery. This gives you the certainty of having a back-up plan and makes the MIQRO the ideal device for longer outdoor adventures. Which is why we also offer the MIQRO as part of a so-called Explorer's Collection. Indeed, the MIQRO is a device only suited to big boys and big girls.

DaVinci MIQRO is the smallest vaporizer by DaVinci

Show me the MIQRO

Boundless CFC LITE

Another vaporizer powered by a removable battery that makes our list is the Boundless CFC LITE. The CFC LITE could be yours for a very affordable price, as it completes the top 3 of most affordable vaporizers on this list. On top of that, it’s very easy-to-use and heats up rather swiftly. The CFC LITE, although very small indeed, is definitely a heavy-hitter.

Boundless CFC portable dry herb vaporizer

Show me the CFC LITE

AirVape Xs GO

The most affordable and also the smallest vaporizer on our list is the AirVape Xs GO, the smaller sibling of the original AirVape. This ergonomically designed device literally vanishes in the palm of your hand - how’s that for stealth? The Xs GO also is one of the most straightforward devices featured here. Ready? Xs. GO!  

AirVape Xs GO, the smallest portable dry herb vaporizer by AirVape

Show me the AirVape Xs GO

PCKT One Plus

The PCKT One Plus is the only dedicated e-liquids and concentrates vaporizer to make our list. Included in the box is an SPRK 1.5 Ohm cartridge for concentrates. Thanks to its ceramic core, this cartridge will extract all the flavour from your concentrates, giving you a maximum taste experience. This small but handy device also comes with two adaptors that will make any 510 threaded e-liquid cartridge fit like a charm. Whichever cartridge you choose, the PCKT One Plus is available to come out of your pocket in a number of exciting colours.

PCKT One Plus vaporizer for e-liquids and concentrates

Show me the PCKT One Plus

G Pen Pro & G Pen Elite

We simply couldn’t choose between the G Pen Pro and the G Pen Elite, so we’ve filed them here as one entry. Both G Pens feature an all-ceramic heating chamber, and they both provide a straightforward, hassle-free but excellent vape experience. While the Pro is slightly smaller, the Elite features a LED-display and comes with a G Card for grinding your herb.

GPen Pro and Elite

Show me the G Pen Pro

Show me the G Pen Elite

DynaVap VapCap M

One of our all-time favourites and all-time best-selling vaporizers cannot be left out of this list. The DynaVap VapCap M is the only open-flame vaporizer included here. If you want to be assured of instant vaping at any given moment, then this is the vaporizer for you. Furthermore, the VapCap M produces some of the best flavour you’ll ever experience. Just be sure to have a torch lighter at your disposal.

DynaVap VapCap M

Show me the VapCap M

Linx Gaia

Last but not least is the Linx Gaia. A very classy looking device that heats up rather quickly, providing almost-instant quality, flavourful vapour. The airpath is completely separated from the electronics, and your material is heated in a unique quartz chamber. Despite its small size, the Gaia features a LED Display and all the buttons you’ll need to give you full control of the temperature settings. 

Linx Gaia

Show me the Gaia

DaVinci IQ2 in-depth review by VapoShop

Conduction vaping just became even better

Recommended for: Beginners / intermediate vapers

27/01/2020 | By: Robert

Back in 2016, when the original IQ came out, we at VapoShop were elated by its look and feel, as well as its performance as a daily driver - a vape you use and take with you all the time. Yet, the original IQ wasn’t without its shortcomings. Some found the draw resistance a bit much, while others had trouble getting to all the nooks and crannies for thorough cleaning. 

DaVinci claims that with the new IQ2, all these grievances are a thing of the past. So as soon as it hit my desk, I grabbed the first preview model of this portable vaporizer and set out to run it through its paces. Let’s find out if these claims have any merit. 

Part 1: General performance of the DaVinci IQ2

The DaVinci IQ2 is easy to fill

Let’s begin with saying the IQ2, as a dry herb vaporizer, is a breeze to use. I just love how intuitive this device is. It’s exceedingly easy to fill, thanks to the shape and surface of the bottom filling chamber. I only need to tip my grinder at a slight angle over the bottom of the device (with a bit of tact, of course) and gently push the finely ground herb straight into the oven. 

No spillage at all and no need for a brush. A handy feature to have for a vape one will mostly use on-the-go. Loading up the IQ2 with concentrates and extracts, however, is a whole other bag of marbles, but more about that later.

DaVinci IQ2 bottom lid with access to the heating chamber oven and Pearl spacer
The bottom of the IQ2 is shaped to make loading the oven with herb easy as pie.

The DaVinci IQ2 is easy to use

Once I switch on the device, the ease-of-use-parade continues with the IQ2 immediately going into Smart Path mode - a mode with four preset temperature range programs that gradually raise the temperature as the session progresses. This helps ensure that all the active compounds and terpenes in the herb are thoroughly vaporised by hitting the right temperatures for their individual boiling points. I understand this may be a bit abstract for beginners. If so, I suggest you read our short blog on “Best vape temperatures” for more information.  

30 seconds of heat-up time later and I can start vaping. No need to think about it, just switch it on and go! 

The DaVinci mobile app allows you to control the temperature and customise the IQ2 settings
The DaVinci mobile app allows you to control the temperature and customise the IQ2 settings

Great building material and a stylish look

Let’s face it. Not all vaporizers on the market are as fashionably good looking and stylish as the DaVinci IQ2. The new colours and the brushed aluminium body give it a kind of allure that other vaporizers just don’t have. 

And yet, superficial beauty means nothing when the soul has no substance. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the IQ2’s insides are all premium quality material. The vapour path and the “Pearl” are made from zirconia, all the metal used is of medical grade and the oven has a glass lining. This makes the IQ2 just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.   

DaVinci IQ2 portable conduction vaporizer

The ease of not having to think, with Smart Path

I appreciate the fact that when I’m on the move or at a concert, I can just switch my device on - without checking the temp - vape and pass it on to my mates, without worrying about whether I have selected the right settings or not. That’s what I call peace of mind. 

The Smart Paths are indeed smart. Trust me, DaVinci knows what it is doing. Luckily, I can switch between Smart Paths and precise temperature control with the push of a single button. 

If I want to be a Smarty McSmartypants, I can always customise the Smart Paths with the DaVinci App to my heart’s content. An app, by the way, that connects to my Android phone as effortlessly as everything else on the IQ2. (Apple still has all vape apps in quarantine)  

DaVinci IQ2 Smart Path customisation
Customise the Smart Paths to your preferred temperatures with the mobile app

How is the flavour produced by the DaVinci IQ2? 

Ah! One of the most important questions to ask about a vaporizer. Well, this is somewhat of a conundrum. Seeing the IQ2 is still a conduction vaporizer, you shouldn’t expect an explosion of flavour throughout a complete vaping session. 

Yet, the first two to three hits are indeed truly yummy. It’s just a shame that it never really lasts till the last hit.

The Flavour Chamber to the rescue

Speaking of flavour, the zirconia vapour path, which doubles as a Flavour Chamber for the IQ2 can help in this department. Not only can you fill this chamber with an additional helping of the intoxicating herb we all love for an extra flavour kick, but you can also introduce other herbs to the experience. How about adding some mint, sage or hibiscus to the mix? 

Flavour purists may say this is blasphemy, but I say experimenting is fun! And it really helps if your base material isn’t the best-of-class to begin with.

DaVinci IQ2 Flavour Chamber cools the vapour and adds flavour to your dry herb
The Flavour Chamber cools the vapour and gives you the option to add some extra flavour to your vaping experience.

New feature: Air Dial for better airflow control

Another reason the new IQ2 has a (slight) leg up on the original IQ is that it now has airflow control with the newly added Air Dial. This Air Dial not only gives you more command over the draw resistance, the extra airflow also adds more flavour and creates somewhat denser clouds of vapour. 

DaVinci IQ2 new Air Dial gives you some much more control over airflow and draw resistance
The new Air Dial gives you much more control over airflow and draw resistance.

Does a bigger oven equal more vapour with the DaVinci IQ2?

Short answer? Yes. However, not by extreme leaps and bounds. The fact that DaVinci made the oven bigger (and better insulated) does help. But, to say the IQ2 is now a regular cloud-chucker is a bit of an overstatement.

Upgraded feature: The new and improved “Pearl” spacer

With a conduction vaporizer like the IQ2 it’s important to pack the material tight. This means you’ll need quite a bit of dry herb for a full oven. Having a bigger oven is great, especially if you are sharing. But, if you are vaping alone, a full oven may be a bit much. 

With the previous IQ, DaVinci solved that problem by adding an ingenious element called the “Pearl”. A little zirconia nob at the bottom of the oven that could be turned to extend it, thus reducing the volume of the oven considerably. In other words; a way to fill the oven with less material, without decreasing the performance of the device. 

The IQ2 comes with an improved version of the Pearl, which extends even further, reducing the oven volume by 50%. If you are looking to use the IQ2 for “microdosing”, you might want to invest in getting a pair of DaVinci’s glass spacers. These reduce the oven size even further.

DaVinci IQ2  Pearl spacer
The Pearl spacer makes sure your dry herb is packed tight and heated evenly.

New feature: Vaping concentrates and extracts with the DaVinci IQ2

New to this version of the IQ is the option of vaping semi-solid concentrates of a waxy or crystalline texture. I say “option” because even though it’s a welcome addition, it is quite a finicky procedure: to load extracts onto the ceramic extract disc and then getting it right side up together with the organic cotton pad, and into the dosage pod, is quite a challenge. 

Not the best solution for avid concentrate aficionados, but a good enough first try by DaVinci nonetheless. Then again, with the IQ2 in my pocket, I prepared the dosage pod before I embarked on a night out on the town and ended the night with a little extra kick before turning in. Works for me. 

*fair warning though! The dosage pod is excessively hot right after a session. Don’t be like me! Wait a couple of minutes before removing the pod from the device.

New feature: Dosage Control and Calculator

When you are consuming mind-altering substances, it is always nice to know how much will get into your system, so you can adjust your dosage at the next vaping session. This is why DaVinci added a new feature to the IQ2 and the accompanying mobile app: the Dosage Calculator. A mode that tracks how many hits you took and how many active compounds those hits contained. 

Sounds great in theory, but for this mode to work, you’ll need to know exactly how much of which active compound is in your dry herb. This is no problem if you live in a country where the information you need for input is reliable and readily available. I happen to live in a country where info on active compounds in the herb isn’t reliable at all. This makes using the dosage calculator a guessing game and mostly useless.

In the future, however, I see great potential for features like this, especially for those who use vaporizers for medicinal purposes. It’s just a matter of time.

Part 2: Battery life and performance of the DaVinci IQ2

How many sessions can I do with one battery charge?

Keeping in mind that the IQ2 is a session vaporizer with an eight-minute cycle per session, expect to do 5-6 sessions on low to mid temperature settings. Which is on par, if not above average, compared to competitors like the PAX 3 vaporizer. Once I got to the higher temperature ranges above 200℃, I noticed that the maximum sessions I could do with a single charge dropped to 3-4.   

A new chip for better power management

A little birdy told me that the IQ2 has an improved chipset compared to the original IQ. This explains why I was able to get a respectable amount of sessions out of the device. Not bad, DaVinci, not bad at all. 

How long does it take to charge the IQ2?

Using the USB cable that comes with the IQ2, it took me 6 hours to charge the empty 18650 lithium-ion battery. That’s indeed a long time. Luckily, the IQ2 works with a replaceable battery, so I recommend using an external charger, which tops-up the battery in 3 hours and bringing that extra battery for those long walks on the beach.

DaVinci IQ2  with replaceable 18650 lithium-ion battery
The IQ2 works with replaceable 18650 lithium-ion batteries for longer vape sessions.

Part 3: Maintenance and cleaning of the DaVinci IQ2

Upgraded feature: Better alignment of the oven and vapour path

Keeping your vaporizer clean and gunk free is crucial for the longevity of the device. This goes twice for the Flavour Chamber and vapour path, especially at the bottom. In the past, the original IQ had some issues there, where some people failed to maintain the device properly. Due to the better alignment between vapour path and oven and the use of better materials, the IQ2 is much easier to clean and blockage of the airflow is now a thing of the past. 

VapoShop’s verdict on the DaVinci IQ2

The new IQ2 has a lot of new features that offer an even better daily vape experience than we were used to with the original IQ. DaVinci has listened to their fans and has tackled previous gripes and upgraded what was already great about the IQ. I think DaVinci, as a manufacturer, deserves props for that!  

That doesn’t mean the IQ2 is the ultimate vape for everyone. It’s a jack of all trades, not a master of one. It’s a great device for beginning vapers and for those who own several vaporizers but want a hassle-free, just-get-it-done daily driver for on-the-go. For those expert connaisseurs who want the purest flavour experience or the full, in-your-face effect with thick clouds of vapour, there are perhaps other vapes on the market that do better in these categories. 

However, if you simply want to enjoy your favourite dry herb or concentrate while enjoying life - and look fashionable doing so - there is, at the moment, no better choice than the DaVinci IQ2.

Top 10 vaporizers for 2020

VapoShop’s selection of vaporizers to look out for in 2020 

2020 has only just started, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to both reflect and look ahead. We’ve selected ten vaporizers that we think will have 2020 popping. Some of them are well-known, reliable names, others are brand new. All of them are great! What makes them so great, is where they differ. Certain vaporizers are more suited for on-the-go vaping than others,  whilst some vaporizers are more stealthy than others. Whatever your preference may be, we are confident that somewhere on this list, there’s a vaporizer best suited to your wishes!

DaVinci IQ2

DaVinci IQ2 portable vaporizer

We start this list off fresh, so much so that the first device on the tally isn’t even available in our shop just yet. We did get one for testing, and we love it so much we just had to include it here. We’re eagerly anticipating the shipping company to drop off a fresh batch of the updated version of the 2016 IQ soon though. 

The IQ2 is everything one would expect from a follow-up to a classic vaporizer. The IQ2 delivers welcome improvements on the original IQ, such as dual-usage (you can now also vape extracts) and a bigger, better-insulated oven. The IQ2 also gives you full control over the airflow and draw resistance. 

Like all other DaVinci vaporizers, the IQ2 is built with purity in mind, using only medical-grade components. No metal or plastic parts touch your herb or contaminate the flavour of your vapour. The airtight, all-ceramic air path is engineered with zirconia and a glass-lined oven to ensure unprecedented purity and flavour.

The IQ2 also is the first Fill Your Own - Know Your Dose portable vaporizer. Enter your strain potency and the amount of herb or extracts in your oven and your IQ2 will track and report dose per draw and per session. Add a maximum dose per session in the app and your IQ2 will alert you when you have reached your desired dose.

coming soon!

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel is without a doubt the best home or desktop vaporizer on the market. Still building on the foundation that was laid with the Volcano Classic, the Hybrid is like its digital younger brother that offers the option of vaping through both a balloon as well as a whip. 

The Volcano Hybrid is as straightforward as a vaporizer can be. Fill the chamber, choose your preferred temperature, switch on the air pump and voilá! The only thing you have to decide for yourself is how to consume the vapour you create.

The Volcano Hybrid is called the Hybrid for a reason. It gives you the choice between vaping directly through a whip or “catching” the vapour in a detachable balloon. With the detachable balloon, the vapour may be inhaled at ease, completely separated from the vaporization process. This makes it perfect for social vaping, as it’s both comfortable and safe!

Go to the Volcano Hybrid

Linx Gaia

the Linx Gaia portable vaporizer

The Linx Gaia fully deserves to be included here once more. It’s one of the most elegant looking vaporizers on the market, kind of reminiscent of an old hip flask. 

But the Gaia isn’t just here because of looks. The Quartz heating chamber is still one of the best on the market. Linx doesn’t use any plastics or steel to mess up your flavour. Instead, the Gaia will deliver some of the most distinctive and refined vapour available.

The Gaia’s elegant look and great flavour are combined with extreme pocketability, as the Gaia has very stealthy dimensions. All of this is available at an extremely affordable price. What’s not to like? 

Go to the Linx Gaia

PAX 3 by PaxLabs

The Pax 3 portable vaporizer by PaxLabs

The PAX 3 keeps popping up on ‘Best-of-lists’ and with good reason. Created to vape both herbs and concentrates, it is one the most stealthy devices out there. It easily fits in your pocket or bag, and thanks to its sleek design, it won’t raise any suspicion whatsoever.

The PAX 3 comes with an oven lid that reduces the chamber capacity by 50%. This makes the PAX 3 an ideal vaporizer for those who are looking to microdose. If you want to make your herbs or concentrates last, this definitely comes in handy.

Thanks to the brilliant mobile app, you can easily customize your vaping experience and adjust your preferred settings. PAX continuously updates their app, which makes for an optimal experience at all times. 

Go to the PAX 3

Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The Mighty by Storz & Bickel is one of the vaporizers that also made our 10 best portable vaporizers of 2018 list. It remains a top 10 vaporizer for many reasons, with the biggest one being its versatility; the Mighty is a portable vaporizer that also functions extremely well as a desktop vaporizer.

The bright LED screen on the Mighty gives you all the required information regarding set and current temperature, as well as the status of your battery life. It’s an easy-to-operate device that will give you haptic feedback once it’s good-to-go. 

VapoShop currently carries the 2018 version of the Mighty, which is driven by an improved battery with 20% more power.

Go to the Mighty

DynaVap VapCap M

VapCap M The open flame portable vaporizer by DynaVap

A proper top 10 vaporizers list wouldn’t be complete without the DynaVap VapCap M, and we expect it will remain on lists like this one for many years to come. It’s the only open-flame vaporizer that makes this year’s list, but it definitely holds its own amongst these battery-driven powerhouses. 

Because it doesn’t rely on complex electronics, it is one of the most affordable vaporizers we carry. All you need is a (torch) lighter, and you’re set for instant on-demand vaping at any time. 

Made to vape both herbs and concentrates, the DynaVap VapCap M is praised by experts as the ultimate device for those who consider themselves a flavour chaser. If you’re all about flavour, and you’re looking for a device that guarantees instant on-demand vaping, we can’t think of any vaporizer better suited to your wishes than the DynaVap VapCap M.

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Boundless CFX

the Boundless CFX portable vaporizer

Another recurring vaporizer on our yearly list is the Boundless CFX. The Boundless CFX is included once more because it is perhaps the ultimate device when we look at the amount of power for your buck. 

The large, powerful battery makes for some serious clouds of full vapour. It also means you can bring the Boundless CFX with you on those longer trips, without having to worry about it running out of juice.

The Boundless CFX is one of the more sturdy vaporizers out there. Thanks to the solid casing, it can definitely take a hit or two. If you live an active outdoor lifestyle and you ́re looking for a suitable device, we highly recommend the Boundless CFX.

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Storz & Bickel Crafty+

The Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel a portable vaporizer

The Crafty+ is one of two vaporizers on this year’s list that received the “+” treatment. As the follow-up to the original Crafty, the Crafty+ provides some pleasant updates to its predecessor. The original Crafty was part of our 10 best portable vaporizers for 2018, and it makes total sense for the new and improved Crafty+ to make the list this year.

The Crafty+ is extremely easy to operate, which is even further strengthened by the tremendous mobile app. The app even offers a “Find my Crafty” option, which we believe can be of real assistance to some of our fellow botanists out there.

With a fast heat-up time and very little draw resistance, the Crafty+ is a very powerful portable vaporizer. Storz & Bickel only make use of the finest materials when building their devices, and the Crafty+ is powered by a longer-lasting battery. If you’re looking for a strong impact from your materials, we highly recommend the Crafty+.

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Firefly 2+ by Firefly

FireFly 2+ a portable vaporizer by FireFly

Another iconic vaporizer we saw get the “+” treatment was the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2+ - very much like its predecessor, which was featured in our 2018 list - is quite possibly the ideal vaporizer for those who are all about taste. The vapour quality and terpene profile release are of the absolute highest quality, perhaps only rivalled by the previously discussed VapCap M.

Good-to-go in only 3 to 5 seconds, the Firefly 2+ offers almost-instant vaping. When you’re not inhaling, the chamber cools down rather swiftly, making sure no material is wasted. If economic vaping is your thing, this might be the ideal device for you.

On top of the amazing flavour and economic vaping, the Firefly 2+ is an easy vaporizer to operate and maintain. Cleaning your device couldn’t be more straightforward and thanks to the superb Firefly mobile app, you are in complete control of adjusting the settings. 

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G Pen Nova LXE

The GPen Nova LXE for concentrate vaping

The sole concentrates-only vaporizer to make this year’s list is the G Pen Nova LXE. The LXE is twice as powerful as its sibling, the original G Pen Nova. The LXE was developed specifically to cater to those who are all about vaping concentrates, and we highly support these efforts.

The G Pen Nova LXE is an extremely easy vaporizer to operate. Thanks to the option of choosing from different settings, you can comfortably find the ideal balance between flavour and big clouds of vapour. You have all the power to decide which way to lean.

If you’re big on thicker concentrates, the G Pen Nova LXE offers the beautiful option of the “extended draw mode”. By hitting the button twice, the LXE will start to heat continuously. This is ideal for getting the most out of your concentrates. As soon as you’re done with the extended draw mode, just press the button once more to cancel.

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